Thursday, March 03, 2011

Obsession(s) of Weeks: 01/03/2011 through 02/25/2011

Phew, I'm slack with this, yeah?

The Sly Collection

I finished parts 1 and 2, and I am currently plugging away with Part 3. I must admit, I struggled with part 1. There wrere a couple of things that were interesting but it was your standard platforming fare. There was no one character for me to really enjoy but then...I played Sly 2. It was such a major improvement over the first installment - tighter game play, tighter story, the characters developed nicely (and Bentley's my fav!), with awesomely fun missions with genuinely intriguing mechanics that truly enhance the experience for a "wow, I'm impressed" factor and great voice-acting (except Carmelita. What a freakin' disaster - nearly as horrendous in part 3 if not worse). I'm glad I had a chance to play this time around and did not miss this opportunity. Fun times!

999 - Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

999, consider yourself fortunate...fortunate enough to be one of those few games that I enjoyed enough to get a true ending. Okay, so maybe it didn't make much sense if I didn't but after the brutal axe ending I received, you're lucky I came back.. I was this close to putting you down and...I'm glad I didn't. There was a lot of text to this game, the puzzles were not difficult but the sci-fi, horror story line running through ultimately leading to a surprise ending were welcome and fabulous. There's so much to say about how anxious I felt playing the first time and figuring out later on that it was all part of a clever mechanic implemented by the game. Honestly, it was one game were you really could feel as though you were in there playing as the main character, Junpei. Yes, I felt like as though I was Junpei. Scary? Yes. The creators were devious enough to present the game as such.

Ghost Trick

I loved it. I loved the style, I loved how fresh added mechanics later in the story made the game feel. I loved all the twists - and there were so many it was mind boggling. The characters were full of style from their personalities to their very sleek movements and the overall look of the game was incredibly vibrant, smooth and beautifully immersive. The story was beyond smart, cleverly executed and very intriguing to the end. Dark humour reigned king and dire situations always made me chuckle admist the anxiety. The soundtrack was fitting and I'm not sure would be okay as a stand alone but there were definitely some memorable moments. I can alraedy see that this game might be up there in the top games played this year.


Without spoiling anything, I also really loved 'myself'. How could I not? Tall ridiculous hair, sunglasses, red suit, sly smile on a cut jaw...I'm a goo'd-loo'king brontosaurus.


  1. YOu forgot your obsession with fries.

    THat is the "aingst" of the Blog today.

    wv: aingst

    - H1

  2. The blog needs some patience because I did not forget. I gave it its own post.

    WV: nurac

    What does that mean?


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