Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Week, Two Chinatowns - Part II

Had the N train not decided to run like rubbish on Friday morning, the trip to Brooklyn would have not taken the extra half an hour longer than it did.

The extra half an hour really cut into our dim sum eating time! But, now we know it can easily be done and East Harbor Seafood Palace is within reach for future jaunts without having to drive to Brooklyn in a mini-van with which to both embarrass and kidnap Beetchie.

The entire day was hit with snafu after snafu.  Beetchie unfortunately got food poisoning, and could not partake in the dim sum feast.  We almost did not see her, actually.  We also forgot that Alex was not eating meat on Fridays during lent, and all the pork I ordered did not go to waste, but there could have been more and/or different types of pork on the table.

Also, being super late led us to not having the luxury to relax, take pictures at leisure or do any such thing.  It turned out to be a really long day.

Spare rib tips were excellent here.

There were veggies somewhere, just not pictured.  It's true! And they were really great veggies.

Probably the best squid ever.

I love them.  But Joe's Shanghai were actually better.

Taro puffs! I meant to take close ups of you but next time.  Those were perfect puffs though.

I did not ask for bacon but I guess people just know me.

Beef balls are better at our now defunct Golden Bridge in Chinatown.
Again, it was good seeing Beetchie even if she did not help a sister out by trying to order some custard buns.  She did gift me with a neurotic pig earlier in the week, though.  I have yet to name him.

He's appropriately scary.
Ah, the shrimp onigiri I had earlier this week...what the...

Sneaking up on my onigiri, huh? This is pig is asking for a world of hurt.
I have yet to name the pig but his fascination with my food might not make him last very long around here...perhaps naming him is unnecessary at this point! You better watch where you're stuffing your snout, pig!

Currently listening to: "Piledriver Waltz" by Alex Turner, from the "Submarine" Original Soundtrack.  I do love this song.  And I do love A.T.  Another boy to be angry with!


  1. The Blog suggests you name the pig Chreg. as in Craig? I don't know... doesn't seem like a very piggy name.

    - H1

    wv: Chreg

  2. Chreg? Hmm, perhaps. Chreg Pigg. I kinda like it. Though you know Craig is the name of my new obsession - that kid, Adam, from Being Human. Yes.

    Uh, the blog says that I am "lonessm". Am I, blog? It's true. I just tried setting up my 3DS and I don't know what the eff to do. I'm the loneliest Mii in the plaza.


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