Monday, March 14, 2011

A Successful Sort of Saturday

Saturday was one of those winning kind of days for The HOchieS.

It was not the 'winning' Charlie Sheen kind of day, no.  There were no drugs, no 'baby-sitters', no porn stars and no crazy.

Perhaps someone would find that much of a 'losing' sort of day for us...

Your dirty thoughts aside, H1 and I set out to try new recipes this day, starting with bacon cheddar pop-overs for breakfast.

Bits of Bacon Goodness
Out of the oven
with butter
And next to one of our favourite smeats - the Vienna sausage.
And no breakfast is truly complete without a bowl of cream of wheat.
Later that day, for dinner, H1 tried a cajun fettucine recipe dealie which I believe she got from the Pioneer Woman's website.  That is by no means the scientific name, so please do not hold me to that and go out there and embarrass yourselves in public as I just did.


Uh.  yeah.

Ooooo, noodles.  Being mostly Asian, I love me a good noodle.
Which is why I can only eat fettucine, linguine, or spaghetti when it comes to Italian pasta.
Because then I get to pretend there's some sort of ramen involved.
It was spicy, creamy and with the sauce very tasty (except next time we will season the chicken to our tastes).  Next time there will be sausages involved (not viennas but Italian ones, okay Judgey people?)
For dessert, we made an Ina Garten recipe which did not cost an arm and a leg (i.e. it was not worth its weight in $80 tuna which I could flippantly pick up at the supermarket - if anyone thinks I'm being sarcastic, you would be correct.  That B. makes great food but damn is it usually with high class extremely expensive ingredients!).  This particular recipe for cranberry apple cake came from her "Back to Basic" series.

Cranberries and apples, living happily together with some cinnamon, brown sugar, and the zest of an orange.  Plus some of it's gut juices.  Hooray!
Cake batter, lovingly smothering the not-happy-anymore apples and cranberries.
One hour later and presto!
a light and fluffy cake, with a base of tart cranberries and apples.
And I think we just found our new Thanksgiving dessert.  H1 really loved this.
Currently listening to: "Kurushige" by Takanashi Yasaharu, from the Mononoke Original Soundtrack.


  1. Well, if we are completely honest, it was not a total success since the popovers are supposed to be all big and puffy. They did not rise that much and fell as soon as they got out. I have to tweak that recipe. But they tasted good so that is what matters.

    The blog is insulting. It has called our popovers, accas. No, Bloggie A, they are not accras. They might look like yummy saltfish fritters but they are not.

    - H1

    wv: accas.

  2. Hahahaha! Accras. The Blog kills me.
    Where was the bacon? I saw cheddary goodness, but not enough bacon. That Cajun pasta looked like goodness, and the cranberry apple--I'm all over it. Please replicate for 10's and my visit. and thanx. and yes I an gnaggi (nagging.

  3. I could taste bacon and that is what matters! Yummy, yummy bacon.

    You (X) and 10s will eat whatever I feed you.


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