Sunday, April 10, 2011

At The NY Botanical Gardens: The Orchid Show! (a.k.a "Trini Bush")

Today, The HOchieS ventured to the Boogie-Down Bronx to visit the NY Botanical Gardens' The Orchid Show on Broadway.

I do not remember if I have ever been to the Gardens.  Really! Not sure at all... and that's...weird.  But there's much to do in our fair state and I've done not even 1/4 of it all.

Anyway, with membership passes, we packed up and got there at about 10:45 a.m.

It was a cool day, the Gardens open at 10 a.m. on Sundays and it was already crowded.  This is just a mental note to ourselves that people flock to the Gardens regardless of whether we think we're beating them to it on 'early' on a Sunday morning.  Don't you people sleep in some? No? I sure could have slept some more this morning.

Well, whatever it was, it was crowded (and still no cool kids at the exhibit! No one had a 3DS to do Streetpass with me.  Psh.) but manageable, and rather lovely.

Except of course, these things may be exotic to some but to us HOchieS, the Orchid Show and some of many of the greenery we saw are so commonplace and plentiful in Trinidad that we were not as 'wowed' as we probably could have been.  We lived there for so long, and had so many of these particular plants and trees along with fruit trees in our backyard that, well... meh.  Yeah, meh.

It was certainly beautiful and the Botanical Gardens designers, and staff did a wonderful job of the Exhibit but yeah, meh.  I know, we are awful.

And yet, I still managed to take 400 pictures there.

With that said, here are some pictures of flowers for all to enjoy!

(All pictures were taken by H1 and/or myself.  While I will spare you the 400+, this post is coming up bazoobs.  And by that, I mean there are still a lot of them to see):

Silly me, these aren't flowers!


H1 liked this leaf and requested a picture.  Probably my best picture of the day.
Growing all over Granny's yard and probably yours too, Trini people.
I like this one too.  They're peeking.
Or running away from the grotesque death that awaits them.  I'm not sure.

This X is blocking the fan, and is no relation to frenemy of the HOchieS, X.

Here's your island shot.
I do enjoy the colours and patterns on this orchid, though.  Looks tasty.

Those plants in the background look very familiar.  They too look tasty.
Don't let it fool you.  It's actually a starfish.  We shall call him Patrick.
Well, if it isn't the Christmas Tree we had in our front yard.
But does it have any snakes under it like ours? No, no.  We're in luck.  Of course, the Bronx Zoo Cobra has been caught.  But if she were as smart as she claims, she would have hidden under here instead of going to the Met.
Well this brings back memories.  We had two huge ones in our yard in Trinidad.  And during a family photo, there I am looking down instead of facing the camera.  Why? I stepped in the nastiest dog crap known to man.
And so it has come to pass, that I hate me a bougainvillea. Dog crap too, but a bougainvillea as well.  Damned Judas tree.  And what kind of name is "raspberry ice".  Please.  We called it pink.
Awww, cute.
Awww, dangerous.
Awww, gross.

Awwww, Is that thing giving us the finger? H1's right.  It totally was.
I'm not so sure what's on the flower but it wasn't moving.
Creepy.  I love it.
You know it was insanely humid in the exhibit after the desert.  Coming into this room was a delight.
That stifling feeling was gone, the room was spacious...
And had one of the coolest coloured flowers/craziest plants we had ever seen.  Okay, so not everything was coming up Trini Bush in there.  Everyone loved this plant too.  The traffic around it was amazing.
Those are not sweet feet.
I love this picture, but it's scares the bejeebus out of me.  Nightmares for me tonight!

It occurred to me after I was viewing these pictures that the orchids were all sticking out their tongues at me.  I must say that I don't like it one bit.
Because moss is cool.

Next we took the tram tour and I managed to not get a good picture of this.  I took it through the back of the tram glass, and it's not so bad because there are creepy tree reflections haunting the frame.  So be it!
Missed opportunities thanks to the Tram.
Nightmares, nightmares, what do I see?
I see a nightmare, staring at me.  Naw, man, naw.  It's actually pretty damned cool.
I don't know.
A stroll through the Ladies' Border.
And a giant flower pot.  or something.
 So that was that.  It was a fun morning spent and we hope to go back in the near future to explore more of the grounds.

Memorable Observations and Conversations of the Day:

On tulips:

Or 2: Clearly, I will not be tiptoeing through a damned thing!

On people:

H1: Okay, you have to make note of this but I just heard a woman who knowingly came to the Botanical Gardens say, "Ugh, I can't stand it in here! It smells like dirt!".

Fellow 3DS Cool Kids Met Via Streetpass at the NY Botanical Gardens: 0 (zero) Can you believe it?!

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