Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Great JDG Exchange of 2011

Last year ended like a maniac.

A brutal Winter may have wrapped up finally but a brutal Spring has taken its place.

There are countless storms brewing, humid temperatures to endure and hot train cars to complain about.

Tourists are milling on the streets of NYC, gawking and snickering and pointing.  I know they do not know me, but in my heart I feel as though they're just here to laugh at my sad little face as I stumble to work every morning.

Spring's in the air, and in our noses and eyes - allergies are hellish, to say the least.

But you know what else this April has brought?

Doctor Who.

And you know what the Doctor loves? Jammie Dodgers.

Jammie Dodgers may temporarily confuse and ultimately not save the Universes from Daleks but they do seem rather yummy.  So it got H1 and I thinking...

Are they?

And where can we get some?

When ideas brew, you run with it and if those ideas require a Call to Arms for a Jammie Dodger Trade, you listen to your brain!

There are two lessons The HOchieS learned from this exercise:

1. Somewhere out there, there's a friend willing to help some sisters out.  If you're lucky, you get two friends who are willing to help some sisters out.

2. Goldfish crackers are apparently a precious commodity in the U.K.

And with that, a pact was formed and The Great Jammie Dodgers/Goldfish Exchange of 2011 has begun!

We received our Jammies today...

The "Z" shape I made was unintentional.
Everyone (less than three)'s Jammie Dodgers?
It's beautiful packaging, for sure and I can say with confidence that I less than three the packaging, at least.
I can't wait to get stuck in.  Clever slogans know how to work my sucker instinct.
Keep the slogans rolling!
And this one has to be my favourite.
So what of the Jammie Dodgers themselves?

the package did not lie.  The Jammie Dodger is Jamtastic!
We opened only the original to start and the package did not lie.  The Jammie Dodger is Jamtastic! H1 and I both agree that they're stunning.

I can't wait to try our other little Jammie Dodger friends, or even to not get ahead of myself, I cannot wait to get a taste of my second Jammie Dodger original tomorrow.

LOOK AT IT! (And ignore the hand.  My hand is not as clawtastic as X's.)
This is the start of a wonderful trade and rest assured the Goldfish will very soon be on their way to the U.K.

Many thanks to C. for our beautiful package and yes, we rather enjoyed our jammies and will continue to do so in the upcoming weeks.  There'll be an update as to our review of the chocolate and sticky toffee jammies in the future.

In the meanwhile, do you think there's any chance for a Kinder Egg trade?


  1. I see someone needs to receive a gift of "When Hope is Not Enough" from me. Just sayin'.

  2. Those are the hands of someone who actually works 8 plus hours a day for 5 days a week. Something you and X know nothing about and therefore shall not be judging my hands!

    wvv: unwoomyc

    The blog just told you there's no room for ass-like behaviour.

    Or that you should stop trying to woo me.

    Or...there's no room for tourists in MYC? What a joker, this blog.

  3. Since when does your job entail kneading flour or mixing cement all day? Spare me the excuses. I'm buying you an intensive hand cream!

    wv: inosnist

    The blog wants me to insists on this!

  4. Oh please, just because you spent a few Saturdays mixing cement all day because you were forced to does not make you the expert.

    Fact - I have probably kneaded more flour than you ever have.

    And I've only done it once.



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