Thursday, April 07, 2011

Not the Glamour Shots I Had Hoped For

Yeah, so I wanted to some how incorporate pictures of Judge Magister Gabranth into my earlier post about my concert almost one week ago... (wow! It's just about Friday already again.  Awesome).

Unfortunately, I could find no way to write him in, so instead I'll just call this my photography post...the one where I use the macro lens to do stuff.


It's not that I should have cleaned my desk, Gabranth.  That's the destruction you left after I took you out of the box.  Don't you remember?'re not buying that story, right?
Just put the sword down, and we can talk about this.
Aha! Fooled you, yeah? I'm an artful dodger.
Serious cut eye.
I like this one.  It's mysterious.  And mysteriously dark due to poor lighting.

The pose, it's killing me.
actually, this shot is one I actually like.
The photo shoot was not top notch but at least it was better than that time I defiled Sephiroth.

Though it does make me sad that I actually broke open Gabranth's packaging for naught.

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