Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Observations of the Past 2 Weeks

Do you see those trailers right there?

Those trailers contain the DNA of Matt Bomer or Tim DeKay.  Or possibly, Willie Garnet.  Maybe...Tiffany Thiessen?

Or even...! None of those people?

Whatever or whoever was in there, those were trailers set up for the filming of one of my favourite current shows, White Collar.

The USA show I love right up there with Burn Notice, was filming just outside my building.  I literally could have gone to the lobby, out the revolving doors, and yelled "Tim!" ...or "TiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIImmmmmm" as Clownie suggested..cough.. and he would have heard me.  He may have even seen me.


Unfortunately, the only picture I could muster was the one above with the trailers because I did not in fact mill around to see the filming, plus no pictures were allowed while filming was taking place.  I know this because I had scouts doing my dirty work for me.  Rather, at my request, I asked them to take a picture of SOMETHING if they could.

Ah well.

What I can show you though, is this right here:

Peep this!
A chick magnet
Uh, not a chick.

That's correct, it's a Peep Mobile.

I did not get peeps from the mobile because I walked by too late and did not wish to stick around.

Sorry, Beetchie.  I may not have gotten you any peeps, but I did manage to secure pictures of the designs of your future car.

Does that not count for something? Or should I not be counting my chickens before they hatch?

I promise to stop now.

Not another peep out of me.

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