Saturday, April 02, 2011

Obsessions of the Week(s): 2/26/2011 - 4/01/2011

Man, I'm really slack with these obsessions.  And slacker still, as you shall soon see!

Bird's Custard

Good for regular custard eating, for making a wagom full of pamcakes, and for The HOchieS' all round well-being and happiness: Bird's Custard should be a Crown Jewel and placed in the Tower of London. There, I said it.

Golden Sun

I *finished* this some days ago. The credits rolled and I did not do any sidequests. After 41 hours of playing this thing, I think I deserved the break. That is not to say I hated the game as there were some elements there that were innovative - the extensive library of everything Golden Sun, the cutie Djinn and a wonderful final dungeon, all made the game special. Then there were the things that made it not so great: some unnecessary puzzling, and an almost too easy adventure. Overall the game was more interesting than not and had its charm, but I cannot say I was super excited while playing. 

God of War HD Collection

I took the plunge because I felt that it was required of me to do so. It was peer pressure! And while I did not thoroughly enjoy GOW 1, I can say I am much more pleasantly surprised by GOW II. GOW 1 had potential to be great, and hence the reason I stuck it out for the 2nd installment. Part II boasts everything on a grander scale - panoramic views, re-telling of Greek Mythology classics with its own extra violent spin (Kratos) and lore, bloodier finishing moves and more defined boss battles. It's been a decent play so far. I wouldn't call it a favourite series of mine thus far, but there are things to appreciate. 

Update on 4/02/2011: I have not yet finished Part II.  Slack! I've not played in a month, actually.  Tactics Ogre and other general busy kinds of weekends have been eating my GOW playing time. 

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

It's been pure excitement. I've been playing for a couple of days now and I cannot put it down. As I write this, all I can think of is how I want to neglect blogging just to continue my ferocious battles leading The Order of the Oxtails. I may be getting my ass kicked but I am determine to build strong units and plow through the history of my making. I've already murdered and set fire too an entire village, leaving orphans in my wake and shhh, no one knows about it. Any whispers as to my actions will be met with a crushing defeat of your faction, and I'm enjoying almost everything about this game. It's challenging and half the time I do not know what the hell to do with my units but the story is so intriguing that I'm always eager to screw it all up. Being my first time playing this great game, I have no idea about anything to come, choices I have to make and the finer points of the newly installed World System or the Warren Report. There's so much to know!

Update on 4/02/2011: Okay, okay.  So I'm not done yet.  Busy weekends, I may have mentioned? I'm almost at the end and behind schedule.  I am still loving it, and have found flaws - for instance, the lack of the ability to change the camera...but I really am loving this game. 

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