Sunday, April 17, 2011

What You Need

All you need in life sometimes is some home-cooked curried crab and dumplings.

Plus a cold one

Okay, so I lie some.

It was actually a Shandy with lime.

Because I just cannot get Green Sands around here and it hurts my soul.

Instead I am left drinking this, which you know is not so bad.  Staring down into that barrel makes me think about the last one sitting in my fridge.  I should go drink it but not until H1 gets home.  She "oooo-d" it this morning.  I think that means she wants me to share and considering I drank off her stash at her house,'s only right that I share unless I want to be massacred.


  1. What the? You drank off my stash?!

    I like the colour change but I question your picture fos Spring.

    wv: vatore.

    hmm, I got nothing.

    - H1

  2. Hmm, X wasn't liking the background colour because it wasn't my personality and you weren't liking the picture.

    I like the crazy looking orchids but you're right, right now it doesn't feel very spring like. It looks more like summer...

    so I changed it. and now it's even more blinding.

  3. I might change it back. Letting it sit for a day.

    Also, yes. I drank your stash. And thanks.


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