Friday, May 27, 2011

This Week: The Rapture

The world may not have ended last Saturday but I certainly had some sort of messed up week.

Two tickets to Arctic Monkeys went to a sad waste, work was less than kind, my good speakers could not console me after a bad day because they decided not to work, and I got my ass kicked by Ghetsis in Pokémon: Black Version.


Yes, it was a trying week but things can always be worse.

I mean, I could listen to this new Arctic Monkeys album I am holding in my hand (more than a week early, mind you! For some reason it was shipped to me ahead of its June 6th release - did they think I was from Rotherham and not New York City? Longer shipping times?) and discover that Suck It and See, sucks and I see what it did there.

What I did there, did you see it? could be really great and make me feel even more miserable that I missed the show on Tuesday.

It sure is sounding like a lose/lose situation all around.

Currently listening to: "She's Thunderstorms" by Arctic Monkeys.  Uh... hmm.  This is just okay.  "All My Own Stunts" is sounding like better times and "Library Pictures" is sounding like a win (and a winner is me with number 6, H1).

But this right here?

Wait for it...

This is my jam!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brisas Del Caribe

After our visit to the Bronx Zoo two weekends ago, we went to Brisas Del Caribe located at Castle Hill in the Bronx.

Likened to a Chinese Take Out joint for cheap eats and that same sort of atmosphere, Brisas was full on Puerto Rican good time, homey meals.  The place was crowded - both the take out line and the sit down restaurant section.  H1 and I were ignored for the most part, attributing the lack of service to our lack of enough Spanish blood.

If not for Luuuiiissss, we would not be there because we would never get served, and if by some way we managed to be noticed, we would not have been able to order food with polite service.

Rushed, selective service aside, I cannot say the food was all spectacular but it certainly was more on the good side than bad.

That is to say, anyone who can provide me with a soursop shake is more than okay to me.

Ah the grainy texture of a soursop.  Awesome

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bronx Zoo: More Pictures, and More Jerks...Oh My! (Part II)

I do not know what's worse, the fact that I said there was a Part I and now have to force myself to post a Part II to this blog post, or the fact that I am too lazy to go remove "Part I" from the other title and leave you with nothing.

It's too late now, I already started writing...::sigh::

Really I only have a few more pictures to share and some captions to read.  Without further nonsensical ramblings -

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Bronx Zoo: With Lions, Tigers and Davids...Oh My...Glob? What? (Part I)

I'll explain!

There's so much wrong with that blog title and I'll tell you why...soon-ish.

First, I would like to say that going to the Bronx Zoo for opening time is the best.  I'm sure it's even better going during the week but we do what we can, when we can.

Some of the animals are fairly active and not lazing about in that hot ass midday sun or napping after lunch, and the Zoo grounds were just an entirely different experience for me.

Which also leads me to mention that Membership is also hella' awesome (do people still say 'hella'', by the way?).  Pesky lines are mostly eradicated and 10% at the gift shop is 10% at the gift shop.  Hey man, it's better than 0%.  Why go to a gift shop though with all things tourist trap? I'll tell you why...soon-ish.

For once, in the few times I have been to the zoo, I enjoyed myself.  I enjoyed walking around at ease, the cool air and the lack of wild animals people crowding me like the plague.  It was no surprise then that when we were still jaunting around there at around 3 p.m., annoyance took over when the zoo became packed with some rude jerks.

However, let us not think on the negative but instead focus on the thousand plus pictures I took whilst there.

Well, I wouldn't want to torture neither you nor myself with thousands of pictures but here's a sneak peek at the adventure the HOchieS enjoyed on Saturday morning (click the pictures to enlarge):

This Saturday Morning felt like Toco, with more waterfalls.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Momma's in the House.

And the one next door..., the two in Tennessee, the one in Bim, the one in Crooklyn, the countless others in Trinidad and the world too, let us not forget the world.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fortunes and Pearls

More often than not, I get to suffer the abuse of fortunes from fortune cookies I consume.

Recently, it has made been abundantly clear that I am to be a slave in life, and to life.

According to the cookies I am or perhaps, just perhaps the cookies know what they're talking about!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

Happy May and good luck, peoples.

Hope it's a good one, not too hot...and not at all full of crap.
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