Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bronx Zoo: More Pictures, and More Jerks...Oh My! (Part II)

I do not know what's worse, the fact that I said there was a Part I and now have to force myself to post a Part II to this blog post, or the fact that I am too lazy to go remove "Part I" from the other title and leave you with nothing.

It's too late now, I already started writing...::sigh::

Really I only have a few more pictures to share and some captions to read.  Without further nonsensical ramblings -

Here, have a tapir's ass.
Quite possibly, my favourite part of the zoo.  What is it? Fellow zoo goers you sort of recognize it through my dark picture, yeah? Anyone?
I'm sure Beetchie would say that this thing is screaming, "eat me!!!!".
Wild Things.  Two of them.  and one cat in an awesomely steal-worthy hat.  Though, should these things be out in the open like this? A bit dangerous if you ask me.
What's that?
Ah yes, some more edible nightmares.  Yum.
As I said, ruling the zoo.  Just two days after our visit to the Zoo, a Peacock escaped from the zoo grounds and went on a jaunt in the Bronx.  It was probably this one...
We also visited the Butterfly Garden.  And this is the best picture of a butterfly that I got.
Evil Eyes.
WTF, Marked for Death.  Again.
Fail.  Also not butterflies.
Clearly eating too many butterflies.  Fat.
After BooHead had a grand old expedition through the Children's Zoo, we ended up at the part where you can feed and pet the animals.  The very scary animals...

Alright, so I deserve to be marked for this one.  I had the camera right up on his face.  I actually felt sorry for him.  But you know, if he wandered out of there, he was open to being curried.  Just sayin'.
Fellow 3DS Cool Kids Met Via Streetpass at The Bronx Zoo: 1 (one)


  1. Did you get a photo of the famous cobra? ;) Love the photos in these posts. Glad you got to go early and enjoy the zoo!

  2. Thanks, Gen' Frien'. I have about a thousand more to share. haha. Won't do them here though.

    I did not get a photo of the famous cobra. Mia will be visited in the future.

    The zoo is awesome!

    wv: substypo

  3. Try to capture some snake ass.

    wv: fedlemac

  4. I'll do my best, Frass. But you know, it's not about my willfully taking pictures of animal asses, it's more that the animals show me theirs and I have no choice.

    wv: latennes

  5. I wonder why you have such strong animal-ass karma?

    wv: fregg

    The blog is swearing.

  6. Yeah blog, what the fregg! I don't know this bad juju going down with animal asses either. It's been a constant in my life, much like my bad juju fortune cookies.

    wv: sorsio


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