Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hanging Out with the Weople at Pepsico Sculpture Gardens

Let it not be said that the HOchieS are uncultured, or are unwilling to participate in our great state's free activities.

It was Saturday morning last when we made our way to the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Gardens at the Pepsico Headquarters in Purchase.  The grounds are beautiful - a sprawling lush green well-kept landscape with a lake, a pond, wonderful trees and stunning sculptures.

It's an ideal jaunt for a Saturday morning excursion and with free access to the public, it was strange to me that more people were not crawling all over the place.

I welcomed the lack of people though and it gave us time to stroll and to take a few pictures at our leisure.

That said, please enjoy the many photos I will post here (or not enjoy, that's okay too) and as always, click a photo to enlarge.

One of the first pieces I saw, and one of my favourites.
Why so shy, guy?

I also loved this thing.  A cross-section of things to come?
What a pleasant place for employees to sit and relax.
And gaze upon those...things...
...those rather massive columns.  It's dwarfing that H1 over there.
Here's your obligatory sky shot
Of the three, I may have liked this column best.
it almost looks climbable.  But I'm fairly certain I would have been arrested if attempted.  JK.
a large jet stream fountain in the distance.
In the lake, we saw some hungry koi
And if you click to enlarge, you will see one escaping quickly.  Why? Danger lurks...
A bear, on the hunt near the lake with the koi.  One child was most unfortunate.  As you can see from this photo he fell right into the bear's trap ass grip.  No matter how I spin this, the child it will not come out pretty.
I love it.  Whatever it is.
H1 loved this Calder.
I really wanted to mill around by the totem as long as I could because there are so many interesting things to try to capture upon closer inspection
Like this mess, but I was falling behind of my jams so I needed to play catch up.
There was a rather large hedge.  It curved around a sculpture but did I notice? Not really because the hedge was so magnificent that all H1 and I could do was marvel at its leaves.
Smooth, glossy leaves... I feel a trance coming on again.
A rooster? Some kind of a duck? A hammer?

We then made it to my favourite part of the grounds - the pond area.  It was there I found lily pads and the one of the bitchiest little frogs I have ever met.

Not a frog but a very pink water lily.  It really stood out on the water.
Here he is, the froggy friend who did not wish to be friends.  That jerk lives the good life.  I wonder what he's doing now? Probably chomping down on some fireflies.
Minus the rudeness (what is seen cannot be unseen) factor, this was one of my other favourite pieces.  This piece was set up nicely in the area, overlooking the pond and the frog.
If I were a multi-billionaire, this is the kind of shit I would do to my property.
Ah yes...
Ever since we went to the Botanical Gardens and I got the creepy shot of the (nymph? weeping angel?) woman at the water fountain, I have been hoping for another opportunity to try to capture a fluke again with statues and water.

I completely blew my chance and failed epically. 

I suppose though that Dolphins are pretty creepy on their own.  Click to enlarge.
And while I managed to fail with the water, I got this shot.  Not really creepy but kind of funny, really.  It's as though she's giving me attitude.
More failed shots.  Clearly I should have taken from a different angle too.  Psh.  Lame on my part.  click to enlarge.
While I failed to take creepy pictures of water and statues, I managed to make up with a woman and her horse. 

Colour me sufficiently creeped out.
Then came the three people sitting on four benches sculptures.  Boobey-Head had no desire to hang out with the weople and with good reason.  These statues were easily the creepiest things I saw that day.

I mean really, who'd want to hang out?
This is one of my favourite pictures of the day.  Look at how Marie (the statue) is looking at her friend in the distance.  Or minding his business.  I'm not sure but I love it.  (Click to Enlarge)
Well it certainly was hot enough for sandles, yes.
Apparently, it's rude to stare at people's feet.  I promise Marie, it won't happen again.  Please don't kill me.
But you know, ever since Clara Marie stopped eating meat, her skin looks so good.
I mean, she's still fat but I can't say that junk to her face.
Then there was this guy.
I called him "Lucky" but I'm not sure what his name is.  He certainly had a lot of bird poop on him though.
For some reason though, Lucky was hoarding water and leaves.  Go figure.
And that wraps up our tour of the Gardens.  It was a fun, charmed way to spend a Saturday morning even though I was burnt from the sun at the end of the day.  We noticed that there were lights by each of the pieces and we can only imagine just how spectacular it all looks at night and in the Winter with some freshly fallen snow.  A trip may be needed again.


PepsiCo World Headquarters
700 Anderson Hill Rd

Purchase, NY 10577

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