Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hiding in the Tall Grass...

An epic battle is about to begin!
A battle that's not so epic because what does that Smug Leaf think he's doing? He knows he's grass type and will get his ass busted up by the fire-breathing type.  This is going to be a damned massacre.
This chance encounter in the wild is survival of the fittest.  The camouflage is blown and there's no where to hide.  The flowers won't help.
Sizing up the enemy, and planning an escape route is the only option.
Eye on the prize - it's time to strike.
It's now or never - decision time.
Heat Crash - a devastating attack sees the Chreg throwing his body into the air and with the entire weight of his body, he crushes his opponent.
It might be the last thing you see...this fire-y ball of pig hurtling towards you from above.
Fly! It's our only hope to get out!
But it's too late.
The Beast is caught.  The Beast is consumed.
The feast is enjoyed and too graphic for any further viewing.  You lose, H1.
...a girl, her nephew's Pokémon, and a nightmarish re-telling of BooHead's imagination.

For the clean, innocent and sunny version as seen through the eyes of a four year old, please click here.

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  1. Thanks Gen' Frien'. I love my macro lens the most.

    wv: ingeon


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