Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not My Jam

This is it.

I tried to stagger for a week and live in denial but yes, Summer happened on Tuesday last.  All that humidity, the tourists, the crazies and the general happiness by all, was too in my face and I could deny no more.

But here we are again, another Summer.

Summer is not my jam.

The nightmares in the garden are still around but instead of fairies fluting a tune to welcome the spring, they will now be guarding some tomatoes in the garden.

To "celebrate" Summer, I present you with a less than enthusiastic frog.  I may go even so far as saying that he's quite the little bitch.  I asked him nicely to please not jump on my camera or my person for that matter, while taking the picture.  He obliged but as you can see, it took all his strength to not stick it to me and my camera.

Thank you, frog.

Or perhaps he was cranky because it was hot? What right does a frog have to complain in his cool little pond in the company of lily pads?

I understand, frog.

Summer is brutal.

Note: These opinions are solely those of Or 2.  H1 is a traitor and loves Summer.

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