Sunday, June 19, 2011

Observations of the (Past Two) Weeks

On Foodage:

We finally opened up our Heinz Treacle Pudding.  We opted to steam the can in a pot of boiling water and had one hell of a time trying to pry that sucker open.

Massacred can. 
The golden syrup was waaaaayyyyy sweet - too sweet! It made me feel ill to eat any large amount at once.  Chances are I may not have it again unless some one wants to home-make me one of those.

The whipped cream worked on it.
And thanks.

On Music:

It's not as though I did not know it already but Death Cab For Cutie are brilliant.  In fact, I forgot that their new album was out - actually I thought it was out soon, not the first week of April.  Well, colour me stoopid.  But! Thanks to Amazon, I got a copy for $5.00 and on the song "Monday Morning", DCFC have managed to create three of the most incredibly intelligent lines at the start of any song I have heard.

I heart you DCFC, and I am sorry I never got to see you in concert... I'm awful.

On Trigun:

Yeah, so I've not watched any real marathon anime for two years or so.  I did not know that the Trigun movie was made already...LAST YEAR.  Ugh.

So I watched that and I still heart Vash the Stampede a whole lot.

He sounded a bit more animated than usual but it was a cute stand alone.  It was by no means superb but it was nice to see him again after what... 7 years? 6 years? Wait, Wiki tells me 13 years.  13 YEARS?! Wow.  I suspect it was more like 11 years when I watched it but yeah, wow.

On the Train:

People are ridiculous
On the Streets of Manhattan:

Mothra lives.

Currently listening to: "Monday Morning" by Death Cab for Cutie

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