Sunday, July 03, 2011

Eating Contraband

We had childhoods filled with haw flakes.

Haw flakes are Chinese treats full on sugar and haw.  We happened upon some two weekends ago and we love them!

That was until last week, when H1 looked up the almighty haw flake on Wikipedia and discovered that haw flakes contain a food colouring that is not approved by US FDA standards.

H1 is now refusing to take part in childhood memories.

I ate two packets of fun since and I feel as though I am a better person because of them.

And perhaps slightly more red on the inside than others.


  1. I absolutely LOVE haw flakes, used to eat at least two packs a day--more when mom's store relocated next to the chinese shop at the mall years ago. Please, the US standards are unreasonable. I ate so much food coloring as a kid that I should have been pooping rainbows.

    Oh, see, the bloggie agrees--wants me to get "oated" so I can get those rainbows out my system. Making a bowl of oats right now.

  2. It's true, who doesn't like haw flakes?

    H1 will eat them still. She only keeds.

    WV: doidie

    Though, I have to wonder if maybe the blog is actually trying to warn us off of them... "if we do(i) eat hawflakes, we will die"


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