Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th

Happy 4th to all my peeps - even those not celebrating today, because well, since you Trinis barely work as is, why not add another 'holiday' to your calendar?

While I am at it, Happy Belated Birthday to Boobey-Face.  I forgot to wish you one on the blog on June 24th because I am a bad Suga'Face.


Awful.  Awful.

Anyway, hope everyone eats a hot dog today or a burger.  The HOchieS will be having curry.  Yes, Frass.  Momma HOchie decided she wanted her duck afterall.  But fear not for there will be other ducks.

Especially since I've ducks wandering around in my yard all brazen like.

a duck between a house and a chair (click to enlarge)
Don't they know that if "you wander unto our property, you will be curried?"

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