Sunday, July 03, 2011

Saturday Morning with a Farmers' Market and Tea for Four

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than going to the Farmers' Market and having tea at Kathleen's Tea Room?

I am certain there may be better ways but this Saturday's activities suited me just fine.

Okay, so it's not the most appealing picture.
Especially when we got wind that a new french pastry shop opened up.

For some reason...
...a rooster.  Love the name though.
We made our way over to Three Petite Madeleine and though a bit pricey (and not unexpected), we opted to go with a package of the chocolate raspberry cakes and a creme brulee inspired treat - Canneles de Bordeaux cakes.

Of course, for some reason the woman switched my chocolate raspberry for regular chocolate cake.  This gives me an excuse to go back because the little chocolate cake bites were creamy with a flaky top which was probably due to not being supremely fresh, but quite chocolatey and delicious.

Creamy chocolate bites and not dry. 
Then there was the creme brulee bite of yum.  It was not fresh but it was a taste that you just knew if eaten right after being made, it would be fabulous.  It was a bit chewy when we had it and I probably would not buy again.

So cute though, huh?
I believe some remain at H1's house.  I will have to go over there and pop the rest into my mouth.  that's the bad thing about them - so easy to throw back and not think twice.
Never you mind the chocolate speckled finger, but do mind the inside of the treat.
H1 cleverly did not eat breakfast before our trip into town, and I stupidly did have something to eat.  I was starving and couldn't help myself.  But with a hungry H1 and my watch indicating that it was near 11 a.m., and a brain always on scones, I suggested we take our chances snagging a table at Kathleen's Tea Room.

There were a few reservations but we were fortunate enough to get a table that morning.  It was probably empty due to the fact that it seemed some folks are out of town this weekend.  Whatever it was, we were happy.

We were initially seated at the window.  How cute but then BH and Luuuiiisss joined us later on, so we were moved to a table for four.
I absolutely adore Kathleen's Tea Room.  I love the many teapots aligning the walls, the birds decorating the shelves, the mis-matched tea sets provided for guests and the 'flowers' that decorate the table.

Even better than the real thing.  Or something.

Some sugar to go with my freshly brewed tea special of the day
lemon mango tea.  It was rather refreshing.
I always want to buy a teapot for no good reason.
I also will not rest until I go to Kathleen's with my macro lens and it's one of my many life long missions I've been adding to my list.

There is a problem at Kathleen's Tea Room though, and that is, there are so many delicious things on the menu that it's hard to make a decision.

Scones with clotted cream and jam are always are a given but if there's ever a choice of something with bacon in it, I highly recommend it because their bacon always tastes the best.

On this day, there was a bacon and brie quiche.

Thank goodness for Luuuiiiisssss
H1's usual are the assorted tea sandwiches, which is what she went with but I am not certain why she hesitated getting the bacon and brie quiche.  Luckily, Luuuuiisssss decided to join us and we made the decision for him (but yes, secretly for ourselves).

Yummy date bread, I've got my eye on you.  Unfortunately, so does H1. 
Why did I not get the bacon and brie quiche? Like I said, I only had room for a scone.

A beautiful warm, freshly baked scone
with some beautiful rich clotted cream, and beautiful raspberry jam. 
Which brings me to question - X, when are you coming around? It's been four or more years and we have yet to go for tea.

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