Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Fun in Midtown 2011: The Tons of Buns Edition

Last year, The HOchieS ventured away from the desks at work to go the annual event for cheap sample lunches from the restaurant vendors in and around Rockefeller Center.

As with last year's event, the plaza was filled with green umbrellas, Midtown suits looking for eats, and a Super Scooper Ben & Jerry's man who scooped the good stuff out for $1.00.

In what may become a yearly tradition, we again went out to this fair to get our brains addled by the sun for a decent meal to fill our bellies.

This was not actually during lunch, but earlier in the morning.
Any event near the Fox News Corp. may be fraught with shenanigans, unless it's my protesting.  or something.
This year, we did not get Bill's Burger but I did stick with the Brasserie Ruhlman burger.  I was also given free reign to make decisions on H1's behalf, and opted to get some crab cake sliders from The Sea Grill.

Brasserie Ruhlman - fancy schmancy, and a display that was mostly ignored.
All that smoke is from the grill.
And it was a sweltering 97 degrees out too.  It was not that fun being out there.
Especially when there are tons of buns around - both on the grill, and..uh, off to the side of the grill.  Yeesh.
All this heat makes you want something refreshing or something cold.  I couldn't have both the Ben & Jerry's and this, so I opted for the Frozen Hot Chocolate by Jacques Torres instead (pictured here in a blender). 
And while Alex was being interviewed by the New York Times, I was looking for more paper smiley faces like last year.  Instead I found maniacal looking robot faced buildings.
Ah yeah, so after we bought up our cookies from Jacques Torres, our burgers and crab cakes, we were good to go back to the office to have our lunch.  But a stalker from the New York Times approached Alex to ask some questions about whether she thought wearing high heels was a contributing factor to migraines.


Yeah.  There's at least one person out there who thinks that's the cause.

Go figure.

That nonsense behind us, we finally made it back to the office where the only thing stopping me from my burger and my mouth was the size of the damned kobe patty.

Though, practice with Shake Shack doubles seemed to have made me a pro.

This was not so for H1 as she usually invests in single shack burgers.  Blasphemous but true.

And so it is, I present you with another bun.  This brioche bun and burger with potato chips cost $9.00
Look at the's beaooooouuttiful.
The burger did not disappoint, but I think the crab cake sliders were the winners for lunch as they were very damned good too.  So good, I left a bite of crab cake slider to be the last thing I tasted.  It was full on fresh large lumps of crap, and that's always a joy because crab is a joy.

More buns.  More friggin' buns!
Also a joy? This frozen hot chocolate.
My frozen hot chocolate was yum.  It was made of dark chocolate, I got a complimentary coupon for a free bon bon which I should claim next week and did not take pictures of the really fantastic chocolate chip cookie we bought from Jacques Torres too.  It was massive, and probably the best chocolate chip cookie I've had in a while.  I need another one and that's mostly due to the fact that I gave away most of mine.

Next year, if we do this again, I'll try to tear myself away from the norm of the Brassiere burger.  I can make no promises though.

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