Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trippin' to PA: The Wrap Up

We've shared most of our adventures from PA with you but what about PA itself? Was there anything we needed to point out that I did not capture in the posts for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3?

Yes.  There's the actual land of PA to talk about.

We did not drive through PA without seeing some glorious sprawling farming land, dilapidated farm houses and some corn fields.

Many times I wanted to stop at the side of the road to take a picture of some broken down house or shed.  I also cursed the fact I did not have a wide angle lens.  That will be the next big purchase.
Cutie red barns littered the fields: a picturesque American landscape

Some rolling hills and cornfields.  Someone's well-placed car on a stretch of highway. 

Some cornfields were more lush than others and they were all at different stages of growth.  Unfortunately, I was not afforded the opportunity of running through one while being chased by zombies or ghouls (...or was that, 'fortunately'?) Nor was I afforded an encounter with aliens and their dastardly crop circles.

Worse yet, I did not get to make a crop circle of my own! Seriously, it was a complete let down.

Or maybe, I was not so unlucky to witness a crop circle?!
Oh, Oh! There were cows and horses and I got to tip no cow, and got kicked by no horse.

What are they growing? And what are these shadowy figures here?
I saw real horses too in front of some fields.
Do you see how sad things were for me?!

We did not get to visit an Amish village but we did see a few Amish families, and we have to say from what we saw, the Amish are some good-looking people.

The people of PA were friendly for the most part.  Customer service was excellent and always with a smile and often matter of fact in their willingness.  They were honest and hard-working.  For that, we thank the ones we dealt with.

There were some missed photo opportunities on my part.  On the way, I saw a billboard advertising funny air conditioner repair places and a most peculiar pizza place a couple of times.  At all times I missed taking pictures and then finally on the last day, I got at least, to figure out the pizza place.

It was for pizza at Sheetz: a gas station.  If you look at the pizza box, it says "Holy Sheetza".  That's what I saw on the billboard only.  Fabulous.  I wonder if the pizza was fabulous?
I failed to mention that at Dutch Wonderland, we played a game of Wack-a-Mole.  I missed just one mole which left me kicking myself but did own the lot.  I won a pig but since I paid for everyone, my $2.00 pig ended up costing me $8.00.  Such is life.

To add insult to injury, when we went to Hershey's Chocolate World, the pig was left to roast in the sun on the dashboard of the car.

When we returned there was sizzling, and bacon.  On the one hand....SCORE!

But on the other ...::sniff:: Poor piggy.
Then there was the Chick-fil-A.

We went out of our way a little to eat some of what everyone raves about.  Some may not know this but this chain's only location in NY is at the NYU campus.  Since I have no desire to sneak on to the campus (and surely get caught with my luck) for a chicken sandwich, I was happy that I finally got to eat here and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was pretty good, actually.

Their logo is brilliant.

The waffle fries were good and thankfully not seasoned, the brownie was not the best (although our friend Mahone swore by it but I knew not to trust her anyway) and the chicken itself, especially H1's spicy chicken, was really quite good.  It was made fresh, hot and tasted great thanks to some good blend of seasoning.  Yep, they even had coke zero as a choice of drink.  Any place that has coke zero as a choice for drink is a winner.

I'd say overall, PA was not a bad time, you know.

I'd like to go back to visit the Amish village and visit some wineries some day.  It's the kind of place that seems as though it would be a fun time in the Fall.

Truly though, is there anywhere that's not fun in the best time of year?

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