Thursday, August 25, 2011

How the Earthquake Effed Up my Day

The day before yesterday, there was an earthquake in Virginia.  It was registered at 5.9 and did some damage to buildings and such.

Thankfully there was nothing crazy and everyone was relatively unscathed.

I am a believer that things can always be worse, so I am thankful that all I felt on the day of the tremor was that I was perhaps, in need of a rushing to the hospital for a personal medical emergency because the ground shaking made me think I was woozy and about to faint.

That was before I realized it was an earthquake - stop laughing!

Anyway, about six minutes later I was supposed to be on a subway train on my way to Chinatown for some dim sum or soup dumplings. 

H1 and I were starving having not eaten a real lunch at our usual 12 p.m. time slot.

With an uncertainty about subways and whatever else, we thought it best to not get on a train.

Safety first, we always say but of course, that meant we were that much more starved come 4 p.m. when we finally decided to find some food.

Soup dumplings were some blocks from us so why not go there instead?

That would have been awesome except the restaurant was closed and we ended up having to scrounge around for some McDonald's.

That was Effed by the Earthquake Scenario 1.

Back to to 2 p.m., while I was somewhere panicking and doomsday naysaying something about 2012, the Amazon deal for half off on a Playstation Move Bundle happened as a Lightning Deal of the Day and I missed it because 40 minutes later when I remembered to check, it was over.  100% claimed.

That may not sound like much to any of you, but it was sure damned annoying to me.

And that was Effed by the Earthquake Scenario 2.

That's all the Effed up things I can talk about because you know, it really wasn't so bad once everything simmered down.

We do count ourselves lucky this time and hope that was the only time...

Currently: Wondering why Momma HOchie hates me by leaving me without food.


  1. the poor mcd's workers had to work even during the threat of an earthquake. evil empire.

    wv: atediss


  2. Yeah bloggie, I ate a diss. What's it to you? The blog is such a jerk to be rubbing it in like that.

    Well, GK, now that you put it that way...I guess I should be thankful that at least there was McD's to put into my face.


  3. The rip'n chicken from Popeye's creeped me out. Looked like it came from a deformed bird with tentacles..... Nice and spicy but I won't eat it again.

    wv: stettib

    Pfft. "atediss" was better.

  4. What the heck is a rip'n chicken?


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