Wednesday, August 10, 2011

An Open Post to Frass

Dear Frass,

When did Beyonce decide she should massacre a little thing called "a tune" and become the Queen Bitch of Cacophony?

Please advise.

Your Almost Friend,

One Bleeding Ear...Or 2


  1. What song are you talking about? The weird dance song from 3 months ago or the generic mid-tempo that came out last month?

  2. I can only assume the generic mid-tempo (does such a thing even exist in the song?) that came out last month.

    I don't pay close enough attention. Also, who is that on her album cover? Because that girl looks like a weople.

    wv: pottelys

    Or a pottelys? I don't know what that is either Bloggie Boo.

  3. I just read that your girl Beyonce is preggars. ;)

    wv: susiedme

    I think the blog is suicidal.

  4. Since my last post got lost, I'll just ask what baby names you can think of for Bey's child. I just hope s/he doesn't get Jay Z's lips...... :(

    wv: whenv

    The blog doesn't care when the baby is due.

  5. This blog is briliant. SUggested the name Blyza, which looslely translates "who gives an eff about Beydunce and her preggers" Is it possible to like a person less and less everytime you see them?


    Oh I missed this blog

  6. Bloggie is freaking fantastic. I hope the blog does not get JayZ's face but only a sharp mind. So that rules Beydunce out.

    As for a baby's name... please, let it be normal.


  7. I kinda dig Bey-Z. That would be a good alias.

    I'm so not feeling Bey this era. The music sucks & her interviews are wooden and pretentious. I can only imagine the People Magazine interview she will undoubtedly give when the baby arrives.

    wv: leplam


  8. I figured out what is going on here with this blog! BeyZ is moderating my comments! Everytime one of you comment on this post, it sends it for moderation which can only mean that BeyZ has taken over the Interwebs. That right bitch. Monitor this BeyZtch!

  9. Leplam--the Blog was trying too fast. Meant to say "Le Palm" as in the slap that BeyZ should get.


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