Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Building a Birthday Box

Last year, H1 and I began the Birthday Box tradition.  I bought a box and if presents can fit into the box, then she gets them.  If they do not, then too bad.  The box is a decent size but it does make things challenging to try to stuff into.

Somehow, I managed to fit a few things in like a bunch of cats and a shirt.

In addition to those things, there was a scary little thing that snuck into the box.  Said scary thing - a Dalek - terrorized my room and then headed for Universe domination over at H1's house and perpetrated a hoax by pretending to be a present.

This year, I have locked down the contents of the box and ensured that no such dangerous incidents will occur again.

So what's in the box?

A lot of crap, apparently.

Although, instead of the Doctor's Oldest and Greatest Enemy, there is a little happy friend who is the exact replica of H1.

Happy Birthday Month, H1!

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