Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Forgot

I forgot how hot Don Music was.  Check out the colour combination with the shirt, tie, pants and belt.  I also would not call him a hipster but rather a "tortured artist".

MC, this one is not for you because I don't understand why you would reject my Chiquita bananas that I hand-picked with love for you.

You are so ungrateful!


  1. Don may not be a hipster but those back up singers are pure potheads. This is greatness. You know you posted this for me. Its less scary than bananas with mouths...brrr


  2. Everyone should love Mary had a Bicycle. It's the best song ever. It's almost as good as Mary had a Canary that was yellow as the sun.

    Didn't the back up singers eventually start their own band?

    Look, appreciate some bananas, okay? Ungrateful berptive.

    For some reason the blog called you a "berptive".


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