Monday, September 12, 2011

Misadventures: Because You Know You Missed Them

It's been two long weeks.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, record flooding... and it's the first week of September which always means that people decide they need to do all the work they neglected to do for the earlier Summer months.

Yet, when Beetchie and I go out together, I am still surprised by the mishaps that occur when we're out together.  But why should I be? The weeks have been crappy and meeting up with Beetchie at the end of it all should always signal some sort of disaster.

Don't believe me or need a reminder?

What about the raw squid or raw taro? That doesn't sound like horror to you? Well it should because it sure was horrible to us.

What about that almost awful head injury?

Exploding bakeries? Anyone?

And countless other events (including all of the Japan trip) that I am not recalling here; I am beginning to feel like a broken record.

So why so surprised every time something happens? Well, because it's almost unbelievable.

That's not to say that we did not have a good Summer last year when we got Doughnut Plant doughnuts for the first time...or Ippudo or went to see Scott Pilgrim.  I don't recall anything odd happening and maybe that's just what the problem was.  Again the built up pressure of non-happenings could no longer hold and resulted in Saturday Morning's events.

We went looking for Nom Wah Tea Parlor.  On Google Maps, it appears to be right next to Joe's Shanghai but what we found next to Joe's Shanghai was this:

Well it turns out that this is not Nom Wah as I previously believed but had I gotten there a little bit earlier, I would have been dead before I even had the chance to know it was not Nom Wah.  Traumatized, we went next door to Joe's Shanghai ( as I said, at the time thinking this was Nom Wah and this was some sick joke brought on by H1's evil).

There'll be a next time for dim sum at Nom Wah but it was not all distressing as there was my favourite condensed milk and bread, soup dumplings, fried pork (okay, that was distressing because it was not very good), and scallion pancakes in honour of H1's bad mind.

Soup dumplings are a good time but I do prefer some dim sum.

All you need in this world is this right here.

How could fried pork not be a good time?: HOW??! It was like eating a dry pork chop.  And I hate pork chops.

We then went to what looked like a tuck shop to have a drink of hong kong bubble tea and a lychee milkshake.  I loved it's charming little store front but my lychee milk shake was not very milk shake-ish.  It was like drinking lychee juice out of a can.  There's nothing particularly wrong with that but you know, I did kinda want a proper milkshake.  How silly of me to think I would get one.  That's on me, really.

I loved the store.  I almost felt as though I could get some red mango or tamarind balls.

Which one is which...
At the Bhuddist Temple, we paid our respects to Beetchie's stylin' Grandma, after which we were greeted by a 20% chance of rain the forecasters predicted.

We also saw some weirdo building we never noticed before.  It looked like a fake building front but we discovered that it was actually, to quote Beetchie, "...some Harry Potter shit, right there".

Fake building front? And how come we never noticed it before?

The only explanation is that there must have been construction or a billboard in front of it.  Something.  Kinda like that giant sunkist one off to the side? Maybe...

I wonder what it's like in that corner.

Maybe cats live in the corners.
We also saw the Ghost of Fido.  Man, I haven't seen this kid since 2007.

Been a long time.
Wet, cranky yet thankful for our lives, we wandered to SoHo where Beetchie decided it was time for me to get a watch after seeing the state of my trusty G-Shock.  It used to be clear, now it's a dirty brownish-black and a source of great embarrassment to Beetchie.

On the way to the Swatch store, we were lured in to the Uniqlo by sheep.  Lots...and lots...of sheep.


Of the sheep kind!

What are they trying to say about us?

Hey guys? 

What are we all looking at?

Obligatory Sheep Asses.  Full of Smug.

I will take pictures of the ridiculously awesome limited edition watch that Beetchie bought for me (thanks B.!) that involves KidRobot and a rather large moustached Dunny at a later time, but for now, we have to speak about our other misadventure.

This misadventure involved going to Toy Tokyo where we both picked out the crappiest toys of a choice of plenty awesome.  It's like this: Tokidoki has a new zipper pull line of Marvel Superhero action figures.  All the cool kids are there - Rogue, the Hulk, Thor...the list goes on.

If you know Tokidoki, you know it's all cute.

Picture source:
It's not rare that Beetchie and I get at least one bad figure.  Usually I am the one who picks a crap thing or with spiteful ways, Beetchie would pick something not so kind for me but for us to BOTH pick crap is unheard of until this last Saturday.

We got exactly the two we did not want.

Seriously, Ms Invisible and The Punisher? Who by the way is so un-Tokidoki and hideous-like, it is downright madness.

Look, it was not a complete waste of a day.  At the very least, we got to see "Fright Night" before it got kicked out of the theatres after a mere month.

Everyone should see this movie.  As Beetchie says, it was a traditional Vampire film.  There was no fuss, no glittery crap and Colin Farrell was sufficiently creepy in an awesome way.

And of course, there was David Tennant.

I'm one of those people who's an out of sight/out of mind sort of person.  I currently love Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor but man was it great seeing David Tennant again.

That is all I will say.  Although I feel inclined to warn you about tight leather pants and some uh...unsightly behaviour on his part.

Currently: About to go tackle some home-work with Boobey-Head. Yep, school has started.  I need to blog.

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