Friday, September 09, 2011

Strolling Through the Midtown Central Farmer's Market

Twice a year, the Central Market at Midtown's 30 Rockefeller Plaza opens, bringing from Wednesday through Friday fresh fruit, vegetables, pies, quiches, cookies, muffins, butter, bread and unpasteurized juice with which to torture H1.

She is always talking about stomach aches and unpasteurized juice or some such thing.

Every year we take a gander through and over the years we discovered that quiches, apple cider doughnuts and cookies from Meredith's are awesome, mini pies are a wonderful little treat and fresh white bread from the Amish stall is the best.  The Red Apple Orchard gives us yummy juice blends and we have yet to buy a jar of honey from someplace.

This year we discovered a new favourite from the Breezy Hill Orchard.

I present to you a table full of cranberry walnut squares.
Then a stack of cranberry walnut squares.
with huge walnuts at almost every bite.
a not so appealing corner of a mushed up square.
weep for yourself, for you did not get to place this into your stomach.
It's probably one of the most buttery, tart yet sweet things we've ever eaten and it's all packed into an unassuming little pie square.

It was a beautiful things.

The other beautiful thing we splurged on at the market (the pie squares were cheapie cheapie which made them even more amazing), came from the Amish purveyor.  When fresh churned butter demands to be noticed, for $4.00 I will heed the call.

Fresh white bread, I will also buy for my lunch to go with my fresh butter.  I liked the bread a lot but Momma HOchie still makes fresh bread the best.  Since she usually makes that twice a year at best, I supplement when I can.

But perhaps the priciest of them all at a whopping $10.00...

I know it was a bit much.  I know.  For a single pack of bacon but it was it called me by name.  It would have been rude for me to ignore.  RUDE.

Would you ignore a beautiful piece of ham bacon if it caught your eye?

thick, lovely...

so ...beaooouuttiiifffuullll
look at it frying... I dare you to deny it's alluring nature.  I dare you.
Other wonderfully refreshing things at the market that we bought this summer included H1's favourite unpasteurized past-time.

We have decided that concord grapes rock
Unfortunately, not everything at the market is golden.  And I am not talking about the non honey products, no.  Sometimes there are misses like this empanada for instance:

Bleck.  It' not good on flavour.  In fact, it tasted like it had some curry in it.  That should not happen.
Then there was the chicken pot pie we had for lunch one day.  Now...the crust was fine but a chicken pot pie is not a potato pot pie, and this was clearly a potato pot pie.

For $6.50, I was not happy.

such a disappointment
Other than a few misgivings, the sights of the market are lovely including the sights on the walk to the market.

It's a dark picture but until I get my computer back, I will not be able to doctor it slightly.  I will fix that hopefully in the near future.
Cute, right?

Yep, clear blue skies on the trip to some good times.
Currently listening to: Sons talking about paper plates.


  1. That bacon looks absolutely magnificent! You better hide it from Sons! lol

    wv: dasmo

    That's mine???

  2. Bloggie Boo says that the bacon looks entysi (enticing? and he would be right!

    wv: entysi

    - H1

  3. Luckily the bacon was already consumed by the Hos. We each had 2 pieces (minus poor Daddy who works on Saturdays and was not privy to that), and Mom who was fortunate to have 3 slices. I don't know what happened there...bacon was hiding.

    The blog did not get bacon. I would not be surprised if it tries to kill me for my mistakes.


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