Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, Fiends!

Tonight, the HOchieS are celebrating Halloween.  H1 was sick at home today, and I went to work for half a day.  I had secret business which I will discuss at a later day.

But Halloween 2011 is almost at a close and we are presenting scary, pretty....pretty scary?...Halloween pumpkins to you.

Look at their glossy sheen!

Aren't they fabulous?

The HOchie children were awesomely dressed.  They get A+s.  We get an A for the house because we had ghosts worshiping around the Great Tree.  H1 said it was the creepiest thing I have ever done.

Due to the "Halloween Winter" Storm on Saturday, Trick or Treating was a little sad this year.  There were no splendid costumes to talk about but for coming out among downed lines and branches, the little children fiends get an A+

Luckily, The Dark Knight swooped in and helped with the aftermath..

Here he is, helping to clean up Gotham.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Halloween Carnage: Now with Fresh Snow

It may not be Halloween today but it also is not Winter either, yet here we are on October 29th with snow - really heavy, blizzard-like snow and 50mph winds expected later - just 2 days before Halloween.

2 days...  Before Halloween!

I expect this kind of nonsense in Binghamton.  When we used to go to University there, this was not an uncommon sort of thing.  In fact, snow was not a stranger in July in that place.

But here, and for this amount of snow, well it's a little bit shocking.

I know - oo, shocking! 
With the stores pushing Christmas decorations and shopping even earlier this year, I somehow feel that maybe I can all Conspiracy Shenanigans with this coming of snow!

Happy Birthday, Frass!

Dear Frass,

What are you doing today for your birthday? Whatever it is, make sure your mom pays for everything.  This was not a passive aggressive note.

Have a great day!

Your frenemies,
The HOchieS

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shubh Divali!

Shubh Divali to all this day.

Are you all lighting your deyas? Laughing with friends? Praying with family? Eating the good eats?

The HOchieS could not find our deya unfortunately.  It's either broken and long been thrown out or in a closet feeling sorry for itself.  I for one feel sorry for myself.

But do not despair!

Momma HOchie made us some Divali eats today.

There was curried mango, pumpkin, curried channa and aloo, and paratha.  And pictures to mark the occasion!

yummy curried mango.  Not the right type of mango to make curried mango but still ...

Building Puppets

Beetchie, this post is for you.

We hope you have fun building your little puppets.

Here's your picture guide as to how they should look because while we thought it would be hilarious to throw things at you to figure out on your own (because we're mostly evil bitches), we decided it would be horrible to have a three eyed turkey or a feathery scarecrow:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Care

While some may enjoy kittens, budgies, or bunnies...I enjoy komodo dragons, sharks, crocodiles and the all badass Honey Badger.

It might hurt my feelings but unfortunately, Honey Badger don't give a shit about me.  I can only take comfort in the fact that Honey Badger don't care 'bout no body.

Almost Time

Just a little bit longer now until November 1st and while I may feel slightly appalled by Sony's decision to 'whore' out the franchise to Subway (yeah, okay, I will admit that...I laughed at the $5 foot long taunt), Naughty Dog will put all my fears to rest as they *usually* *have yet to* to any major wrong in my eyes.

Watch this awesome movie* trailer, guys.  Watch it!

*Uncharted 3 - not actually a movie.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas List

Maybe it's due to the fact that I am home sick today and at the mercy of Momma HOchie's tv viewing habits that include a lot of Fall cooking shows and Christmas adverts at every chance but I am getting a tad excited for the Christmas season.

Perhaps it's the knowing that in a month from today I will be one day closer to some days off and fun times with  frenemies for Thanksgiving.

Or maybe this is just how I am.  I'm always thinking of the presents, Kyle, the presents.

I've also been thinking about the menu for Thanksgiving and what sort of treats to make this year for friends at work.  Any suggestions? I have the cutest little tins in which to house them.

Anyway, this list is not for you to see! It's for me to remember where I am at with shopping for pyos.  Why am I making public then? I am a Contrary Mary.

1. Momma Hochie - a stocking stuffer has been purchased.
2. H1 - Done
3. Luuuiiisssss - Done
4. BooHead - Done
5. A'Face - Done
6. MC - Done
7. Beetchie - Done (and birthday too, bwahaha)

That's 7 people out of 14? 15? 16? Not bad, I guess....

I have to fix up my wish list though I think I might just need amazon gift certificates for Christmas.  All my games are coming out next year.  So sad.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bye Summer my Enemy

Summer's out of here, Autumn has begun but has it really? Today is the first day it's felt brisk and crisp.  Signs of leaves changing colour have been few but they're getting there and we are saying farewell to our little frog hanging out in the pond on those hot summer days.  I wonder what our fair froggy friend has been doing?

Say hello to our tiny scarecrow friend with her sunflowery hat and tiny crow friend.

Here's to Autumn!

The End of Days, Part V: The Hurricane and the Garden

It happened again.

The Parents HOchies went off someplace over the summer and left us in charge of the Garden.  And once again, we managed to kill it.

In our defense, the Garden did not stand much of a chance considering a Hurricane passed through and killed it.  Honestly, nature was working against us this time and it was not that we were working against it.

The Garden was doomed to begin with!

If you might recall, we had been tasked with taking care of the Garden twice in the past - the first was 5 years ago and the second was last year.  Both times I managed to kill the damned thing.  The first time to slugs and the second to The Yellowing.

This time, H1 and I were left alone one weekend.  It was supposed to be a fun time - full of games, movies, bought food and late nights up giggling and talking.  But as if we screwed someone in the past and karma caught up with us, a hurricane decided to pay NY a visit and had The Hochies hunkering down for the worst but hoping for the best.  We came out of it with a flooded basement which was to be expected, and of course, a dead garden.

We picked that tomato

Crazy Bones and the Cat

Toys R' Us' Jeffrey had a birthday party some weeks ago.  At his party which BH attended, a crazy bones sample toy was given out as a party favor.  What the hell is a Crazy Bone? It's a weird little collectible plastic figurine - actually, there are probably hundreds of them, each with crazy faces and crazy names and colours.  They seemed familiar so I just looked them up and they were a big fad in the 1990s per Wikipedia.  Anyway, it seems they are making a comeback and play something like marbles.

X was intrigued by the scary little clown one we got for the sample at the party and found a pack of three for $2.00 at Walmart and bought it for me.

We opened it up and got...crazy little crazy bones.  I promised to take pictures and that's what this post is for but of course, there was an incident while photographing the little monsters.

The Birthday Pyos List

As promised to Frass, here is the birthday presento-pyos and wishes list.

You guys were pretty good this year! I didn't have to add anyone to the grievance list for forgetting my birthday but I suspect that was thanks in part to H1's FB wishes.  The only person who neglected to wish me a Happy Birthday was TD5 but being that he is away in Europe, I suppose he can be forgiven.  What he cannot be forgiven for is the fact that I e-mailed him (albeit a bastardly request for Jammie D.'s) and he has not responded even though I know he was on FB.  Someone wants top spot on the grievance list it seems.

That aside, here is the present list for both H1 and myself for 2011.  Thanks again to everyone! You guys are the best.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to Boohead

Happy Birthday, little Boohead!

You're not so little anymore, now that we think about it.  At 5 years old, you have had many an adventure and we hope you have many more.

In fact, you could be adventuring right now! I don't know what you're up to since you have not yet called for me to come over to your house.  I hope you're sleeping in like I told you too.

It's the best birthday present you could give your Momma and Daddy but it leaves me to ramble aimlessly on the blog.

Such is life!

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What Day is Today?

It gets me every time, Bughie J.! EVERY TIME!!!!!!

Oh, sorry.  I should probably remind you guys what only the greatest video and birthday song of all time is.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Month to myself because I am awesome and because H1 probably does not have the password to the Blog to write it for me.

Because she would!

She's not a brute.

I will list the Birthday Loot some time soon (and not next month as Frass has requested).

Love everyone!  Now let me go eat some food.  I am starving.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

The End of Days, Part III: Back to the Bronx Zoo

We went back to the Bronx Zoo one weekend in September.

It's not that I found the animal asses to be fetching as per our last visit in May.  No, because if I did that would group me into that corner of the internet that no one should speak about or exist.

Lego Master Builders,the people who are just that more skilled than you and I (psst, that's why they call them M-a-s-t-e-r-s.  It's a true, sad story), designed and built set pieces for exhibition at the Zoo.

Scattered amongst some of the major displays, lego animals lurked.  With special passports, you could spot the wild lego beasts and stamp your way through the zoo grounds - proof that you survived a certain type of blockish massacre.

We found about 5 out of the 8.  Don't judge us! Having just visited the zoo some months ago, we did not need to wander the exhibit too much again but hit up some of the places we missed in May.  Yes, we probably should have at least tried to go find the Lego exhibits but there was callaloo, crab and a Frass waiting at home for us.

It was also decided that since Beetchie had not gone in some years save her last visit for an interview in which there was some snootiness involved on behalf of the staff, that perhaps since she was visiting for the weekend we could make a fun time of it.

The day started though, with a proper mini-Irish breakfast.  As it turns out, a mini-Irish breakfast is anything but mini.

At $5.00, it was a great deal.  And one can only imagine what a full Irish entails.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

Happy October everyone!

We're saying goodbye to H1's Birthday month.  It was hectic and insane but there was lots of fun had.

We're looking forward to October where there's Haalloween, Or 2's birthday and BH's birthday.

Good luck to all.
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