Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bye Summer my Enemy

Summer's out of here, Autumn has begun but has it really? Today is the first day it's felt brisk and crisp.  Signs of leaves changing colour have been few but they're getting there and we are saying farewell to our little frog hanging out in the pond on those hot summer days.  I wonder what our fair froggy friend has been doing?

Say hello to our tiny scarecrow friend with her sunflowery hat and tiny crow friend.

Here's to Autumn!


  1. Love the new layout!

    wv: hobathf

    Hmmm. Which Ho needs a bath, bloggie?!

  2. Thanks, GK. I'm not sure yet what's going on with the colour schemes.

    I don't need a bath yet, thanks.

    wv: moroliv


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