Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas List

Maybe it's due to the fact that I am home sick today and at the mercy of Momma HOchie's tv viewing habits that include a lot of Fall cooking shows and Christmas adverts at every chance but I am getting a tad excited for the Christmas season.

Perhaps it's the knowing that in a month from today I will be one day closer to some days off and fun times with  frenemies for Thanksgiving.

Or maybe this is just how I am.  I'm always thinking of the presents, Kyle, the presents.

I've also been thinking about the menu for Thanksgiving and what sort of treats to make this year for friends at work.  Any suggestions? I have the cutest little tins in which to house them.

Anyway, this list is not for you to see! It's for me to remember where I am at with shopping for pyos.  Why am I making public then? I am a Contrary Mary.

1. Momma Hochie - a stocking stuffer has been purchased.
2. H1 - Done
3. Luuuiiisssss - Done
4. BooHead - Done
5. A'Face - Done
6. MC - Done
7. Beetchie - Done (and birthday too, bwahaha)

That's 7 people out of 14? 15? 16? Not bad, I guess....

I have to fix up my wish list though I think I might just need amazon gift certificates for Christmas.  All my games are coming out next year.  So sad.


  1. You are ahead. I think I potentially have about 4.

  2. I know, I get ridiculous once August comes.


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