Saturday, October 15, 2011

Crazy Bones and the Cat

Toys R' Us' Jeffrey had a birthday party some weeks ago.  At his party which BH attended, a crazy bones sample toy was given out as a party favor.  What the hell is a Crazy Bone? It's a weird little collectible plastic figurine - actually, there are probably hundreds of them, each with crazy faces and crazy names and colours.  They seemed familiar so I just looked them up and they were a big fad in the 1990s per Wikipedia.  Anyway, it seems they are making a comeback and play something like marbles.

X was intrigued by the scary little clown one we got for the sample at the party and found a pack of three for $2.00 at Walmart and bought it for me.

We opened it up and got...crazy little crazy bones.  I promised to take pictures and that's what this post is for but of course, there was an incident while photographing the little monsters.

I lined up the four I got and in between the flash delay for the picture to be taken, a cat happened and there was nothing to take a picture of.

a damned massacre

It was a rough time, and I don't know what beef Jazzie had with the Crazy bones though I suspect it had something to do with there should be no thing in the house crazier than Jazz (she was protecting her title).

I did get a picture of my favourite one.  It reminds me of X the cookie girl.

Just like Cookie Girl X.  Craaaaaazy!


  1. AHAHAHAHAHA, but it is me--you'd better "buliv" it.

  2. It's true. How could anyone deny it? Just be mindful of Jazzie...she might crack you one.


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