Saturday, October 15, 2011

The End of Days, Part V: The Hurricane and the Garden

It happened again.

The Parents HOchies went off someplace over the summer and left us in charge of the Garden.  And once again, we managed to kill it.

In our defense, the Garden did not stand much of a chance considering a Hurricane passed through and killed it.  Honestly, nature was working against us this time and it was not that we were working against it.

The Garden was doomed to begin with!

If you might recall, we had been tasked with taking care of the Garden twice in the past - the first was 5 years ago and the second was last year.  Both times I managed to kill the damned thing.  The first time to slugs and the second to The Yellowing.

This time, H1 and I were left alone one weekend.  It was supposed to be a fun time - full of games, movies, bought food and late nights up giggling and talking.  But as if we screwed someone in the past and karma caught up with us, a hurricane decided to pay NY a visit and had The Hochies hunkering down for the worst but hoping for the best.  We came out of it with a flooded basement which was to be expected, and of course, a dead garden.

We picked that tomato
Insects: I can't be held responsible for their eating.
We saved the tomato.  He eventually was made into choka.  He lived a good life.
Needs a bug

This blasted bee did not co-operate.

I'm not sure the garden looked so spectacular to begin with though.  But H1's flowers looked lovely.  Too bad they got wrecked in the storm too.

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