Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Halloween Carnage: Now with Fresh Snow

It may not be Halloween today but it also is not Winter either, yet here we are on October 29th with snow - really heavy, blizzard-like snow and 50mph winds expected later - just 2 days before Halloween.

2 days...  Before Halloween!

I expect this kind of nonsense in Binghamton.  When we used to go to University there, this was not an uncommon sort of thing.  In fact, snow was not a stranger in July in that place.

But here, and for this amount of snow, well it's a little bit shocking.

I know - oo, shocking! 
With the stores pushing Christmas decorations and shopping even earlier this year, I somehow feel that maybe I can all Conspiracy Shenanigans with this coming of snow!

But for the fear of being called crazy, I will keep my crazy musings to myself and resist the urge to wrap presents.

Instead, I lived dangerously and stupidly by going outside to take pictures for proof.  I say dangerously because as I was standing outside under the big tree, a sizeable branch snapped off and fell into the street.  I was no where near it which is great, because I probably would not be writing this.

that orange thing is a pumpkin.  And it is sad.
a giant branch that luckily did not destroy the power lines.
The Doctor looks out.  "Stop," he says, "stop."
The flowers and small trees have all been destroyed

Yeah, ded.
Not what H1 likes to see

This could be winter like and not really Fall like.  Where'd these berries come from.

Poor dead bird feeder.  Luckily, no birds were harmed in the photographing of this house.
H1 was not not happy to see the carnage that was her garden.  "Fuck the Cosmos", she says.

She has nothing else to say.

Anyway, snow is falling and we're about to go make some parsad.

Life is funny like that.

Currently listening to: "I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor" by Arctic Monkeys.

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