Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to Boohead

Happy Birthday, little Boohead!

You're not so little anymore, now that we think about it.  At 5 years old, you have had many an adventure and we hope you have many more.

In fact, you could be adventuring right now! I don't know what you're up to since you have not yet called for me to come over to your house.  I hope you're sleeping in like I told you too.

It's the best birthday present you could give your Momma and Daddy but it leaves me to ramble aimlessly on the blog.

Such is life!

Happy Birthday!


  1. Five already! Tell that kid to stop having birthdays for a few years, he's growing up too fast. Making me feel old. Durn it.

    wv: aviurg, the sound a person makes when he realizes five years just zipped by.

  2. The attitude that came with his birthday. How does he already know? "Phone for you, BH"
    "You have to bring it to me because today is my biirrrtthhddaaay"


    WV: chelyz. The sound a persona makes when she realizes it's attitude from here on out.


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