Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shubh Divali!

Shubh Divali to all this day.

Are you all lighting your deyas? Laughing with friends? Praying with family? Eating the good eats?

The HOchieS could not find our deya unfortunately.  It's either broken and long been thrown out or in a closet feeling sorry for itself.  I for one feel sorry for myself.

But do not despair!

Momma HOchie made us some Divali eats today.

There was curried mango, pumpkin, curried channa and aloo, and paratha.  And pictures to mark the occasion!

yummy curried mango.  Not the right type of mango to make curried mango but still ...

...we do what we can.  And what Momma HOchie did was awesome.

Curried channa and aloo.   No, you can't have any.  Sorry.

Pumpkin.  Well, it may have been squash.  I love this picture, burnt up pumpkin and all.  Momma HO did not want me to take pictures of the pot but that's how you know we're legit.

Thanks to Clownie's ghee, we got paratha.  And oh my glob was it good.

Ghee will do that for your roti.  You know how good it was? You could eat it by itself and be uber content.  That's how you know your roti is rotilicious.

All together now! 
Momma HOchie outdid herself.

It's up to us now to make some kurma which we will do on Sunday because we like our celebrations to be week long.

Still, there was nothing to be sad about as we had all of the above wonderful Divali eats plus some curried shrimp.

Yes, yes....curried shrimp.

You should not assume that we ate curried shrimp on this non-animal consuming day! You should not assume we ate more than 2 shrimp tonight! And you should especially not assume I wanted curried goat today.

Uh.  Never you mind what you just read.  And never you mind we ate pork for lunch.

What do you want from us?! We did not even light a deya for crying out loud!


Don't judge us on this holy day.


  1. Shubh Divali! :D Food looks yummy. :) Maybe it's for the best you didn't find the deya cause if you ate meat you can't light it ;)

  2. Heh.

    It's okay, it would not have been lit even if found. I do not have the oil or the wick for it. Talk about half-assed.


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