Tuesday, November 01, 2011


What day is today?

It feels like my birthday! What a day for a birthday...stop! Wrong day, wrong day.

It's not my birthday or Christmas but it may as well be.

The day is finally here after months of anticipation.

I got a rather huge box in the mail today all wrapped in fancy black Amazon tape.  It looks classy and for 99 cent release day delivery, it best look awesome!

If Amazon sold this as wrapping paper...I would love H1 if she wrapped all my presents in it.
It's so beautiful that even orange friends find it alluring.

I smell Nathan Drake
And I just want to give him hugs.
Oh Uncharted 3, I can't wait to play you very soon.

P.S. H1, just because I feel as though it is a present, does not mean it can be wrapped up and stuck under the tree for me to unwrap 2 months from now.  Don't be cruel!


  1. I know! I wonder if everyone using prime or doing special deliveries all get this tape. I looove it.


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