Tuesday, November 08, 2011


We had no idea that Beetchie was so crafty.  We did know she was shady and "crafty" in that sense but actual 'stitch and felt crafty'? ::GASP!::

Now all I can think about is all the stuff she can make me...bwahahahaha.

I got a wonderful red package from Beetchie today and I knew that it would be good because things that come in a red packet tend to be awesome, right B.?

It is truly bazoobs.

Look at the folded arms on LSP.  Can you get any bitchier? It's no wonder H1 says LSP reminds her of Beetchie and vice versa. 

Here's Gunther, the most evil thing you will ever see.  Cute, right? No! He's evil!

Then there's the very best of them all...(after Finn in terms of characters), The Ice King.

Here he is scolding Gunther and not doing perverted things as some may have you believe.  Gunther is not a princess, after all.

Thanks to B. again for the beautiful package and my new felt friends.

No, you all cannot touch them even though they're so hot, so frickin' hot.

Get the Lump Off!

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