Thursday, November 10, 2011

The End of Days, Part VI: The Takoyaki Stand, The Best Fries, and a Failed Toy Run. Again.

As one final adieu "until next time, of course!" with Beetchie in the Summer, we went to our old haunts in St. Marks.

H1 and Beetchie are obsessed with takoyaki, as I'm certain I've mentioned before.  What's not to obsess over though? Takoyaki's pretty fabulous what with its gooey, chewy, salty masterful texture and flavour.  We have yet to find another stand that makes it fresh outside of Tokyo but are thankful enough to Beetchie to have discovered this one.

Never you mind the hipsters on the street.

Hiding back there is an octopus sign that I want.  Maybe I can ask where I can get one of my own.
What? You're trying to say it does not look like much?
To you I say....

...madness! Look at that beautiful glob of dough and octopus.
The thing about takoyaki is that it really opens up your appetite.  You would think it would make us full but no, we were starving after our few bites.  So we decided to go to Kenka - the one place that's always there for us unless it's closed by the D.O.H., that is.  But not this day! Re-opened it was and I live to tell the tale! If I had to stop and think about restaurant food at ANY place, I would probably not eat any other place than at home.

I love the crazy Japanese feel this place exudes.  It blares the loudest Japanese traditional music and is odd in a good way.
The chips that H1 and I recently had here are the closest things we've found to crinkle cut chips at Royal Castle in Trinidad.  That's right, I said chips not fries.  They're chips, damn it!

These Kenka chips are covered with the great things like ketchup and mayo.  They're brilliant.  We've had countless adventures at Kenka - from the shady to the shadier, and it's not the sort of place you go to to sit down and eat the most boring things on the menu.  But do not judge me until you have had these awesome chips.
I could eat some now.
We kept it mostly simple this go.  There were no crazy dishes because we were so hungry with limited time that we were not feeling too adventurous.

We had some stewed belly pork, some fatty toro bits, and fried chicken cartilage.


Stewed pork.  Not just pork, the king of pork

fried, chicken, and cartilage.  Could it be better? No.
As per usual, the dessert is a tiny cup of sugar which you take to the cotton candy machine and make your own cotton candy.  I failed to make a large one.  I blame my short arms leading to my poor twirling technique.

Then we went to Toy Tokyo to try to get better Tokidoki marvel figures after our last debacle.

We did not fare well this time either... I ended up getting Dr. Doom for Beetchie and she ended up getting me Storm.  We traded figures and I refuse to take pictures of them because it was pure nonsense.

Yes, I have hurt feelings.


  1. Those chips look good. I always forget to put mayo when I eat chips at home, which I know tastes awesome.

  2. The only thing it needs is some pepper sauce from Mario's Pizza. They have some awesome sauce. If only the didn't muck up their pizza, it'd be the most awesome still. ::sigh::


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