Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Great 2011 Frenemies' Visit, Part I: It's Love

Thanksgiving week seems as if it was ages ago.  We were fortunate to have some of the frenemies visit NYC that week and as per usual, it flew by.

It's awesome enough when frenemies hang out but it's twice as awesome when they bring you goodies and oh the goodies they brought.

A handful of tunnocks? Yes, please.

Reminder: Must go over there and eat last one before Luuuiiiissss gets to it.

A box full of fudge? Indeed.  And thanks.

Reminder: Inquire as to whereabouts of the fudge.

A plethora of multi-coloured and flavoured rums? Uh... yeah... why...not..?  Rum is always welcome.  The radioactive green one though? Huh.  It certainly makes my life (and cabinet) brighter!

And maybe my insides brighter too? Huh.


  1. I should have tried the green one.

  2. Don't you worry, when you come back for your cake we will buss it open. We will have good times together. Or crash and burn together...whichever.

  3. We might turn into zombies after imbibing that radioactive concoction.

  4. Rather a zombie than zombie food, I always say.


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