Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Momma HOchie!

Today is Momma HOchie's birthday and she turns 06 today.  The day after Momma HOchie's birthday, is not her birthday.

If I were to go off to work today as I intend, she might not be too pleased with me.  But if Dad has his way, buying that new 55 inch 1080p LED television may just soften the blow.

She also wants flowers and wine.  One of those things I did not get.

I fear for my life, but I'm hoping the alcohol might make her forget the misstep.

Happy Birthday, Momma from all your chirrens - your miserable first three, all the miserable sons and daughter we acquired for you along the way, and your miserable five plus one grandchildren.

Thank you for everything you have given us and continue to give.


  1. A new 55 inch LED! I want.

    And Happy Belated birthday to Momma HOchie!!!

  2. Ha, well I decided (with H1's harsh reality) that we did not need a new tv as we have a only a 2 year old perfectly good TV.

  3. Heh heh. I'm impatiently waiting for our living room TV to conk out so that we can get a new bigger one. Ours is probably 1.5 years old. I think March is typically the launch of all the new TVs. I love that time of year for that alone. :P


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