Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Pigeons are Dying - Your Happy (?) Thanksgiving

That time of year again when an important question must be asked.

What is Gobblor planning?

Investigative reporter, Bughie J. sent us this update:

It's 2011: the war against the Gobblors does not go well. The pigeons, sensing they may become humanity's next thanksgiving bird of choice should the turkeys win, form a tentative alliance with humanity to defeat the Gobblors! Gobblor: The Pigeon War! This Thanksgiving!

Terrifying, isn't it? 

So, uhhh, yeah....

Happy Thanksgiving, all...?


  1. lol

    I take it you conquered Gobblor once again. Of course, you had help from BAM! If he's anything like his father, Gobblor will never stand a chance in Peekskill!

  2. Me? Conquered Gobblor? Why, no such thing happened at the HOchieS' household! I would...never eat turkeys!!!!!

    Yeah, BAM... he's a chunky. Awesome.


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