Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Disappointment, Part II: Foodie Misadventures and Not on Target

Our trip to the city was not all sheer disappointment after the Mario 3D Land event last Saturday.  NYC and its fantastic self managed to produce a random Holiday Fair somewhere on 9th Avenue or so near 48th St.

It was such a random thing but it was nice to see, as part of my checklist that day was to start getting into the Christmas spirit by going out there and getting some wrapping paper to begin the ever long task of present wrapping and obtaining ornaments for our very pink Christmas tree we want to style this year.

skyscrapers and out of place holiday fair stalls.  Gotta love it.
We ended up picking up a few NYC shirts for various babies as Christmas presents.  Those babies best be appreciative of their shirts.

Our next destination was lunch before the planned Target Christmas extravaganza.  We went to Mt. Kisco and upon the recommendation, we went to a place called The Lexington Square Cafe.

Lexington Square Cafe - looks harmless on the outside
Thus continued the disappointment last Saturday.  Inside the Lexington Avenue Cafe were cake decorators at the front of the restaurant.  They were using fondant and sculpting beautiful cakes.  Okay... not quite what we were expecting considering we asked for a cheap but good lunch option.

Then we walked into the dining are and it was more bourgeois than casual.

The menu confirmed the prices and while not a crazy amount at all, it was  more than what we expected to spend on a rush lunch as it was already so late and we had not even been to Target yet.

The menu seemed promising but unfortunately, the dishes were not that great.  It could be that some things needed more salt to bring out the flavour.

We did not know that until after the fact but there was a sense of excitement by all before the meal.  Some of us were more excited than others...

Fish tempura tacos for an appetizer? Yes, please.

But again, the fry on the fish was good but the taste really was just not there.  They looked delicious though, yes they did.  They were packed with fresh salsa and guacamole.

BH had the Thai chicken wrap.  I think he enjoyed that quite much but I did not try it.  I had a daunting amount of food ahead of me and I just didn't feel like wrapping my own chicken.  You are probably hearing that I did not try his food due to sheer laziness.  I cannot tell a lie but you are probably correct.  Stop judging me.

It had crunchies (the white things in the back).  I think the crunchies were a hit.

There were also really overpriced shrimp dumplings.  Five dumplings should cost no where near ten dollars.  It was absolute ridiculousness.  As you may know, ten dollars at a dim sum house in Chinatown can net you quite the fantastic amount of dishes with more variety than just shrimp dumplings if you so desired.

Expensive dumplings made crappy in taste by their overpriced shenanigans!
H1 had lobster mac n' cheese that one time with Aims when we went to dinner at a The Capital Grille steak house in the Midtown.  For some reason I may not have blogged about it either.  What the heck man?

Anyway, The Capital Grille had some really good freaking lobster man n' cheese.  Being fans of crab over the lobster, we were surprised at how damned good that thing was.  Since then we have tried to find places to eat such greatness again.

We found the dish at The Lexington Avenue Cafe and while it was not nearly as good as at The Capital Grille, it was made decent with the little addition of some salt.

Luuuiiissss' meal looked pretty good.  It was a wrap with steak, fried onions and Brie.  I wanted to eat it but onions destroy me, thus I was unable to taste to see for myself.  Luuuiiissss said it was good though, and I might believe him.  Brie, like gruyere is a magical cheese after all much like the pig is a magical animal.

Look at the onions.  Looking like tasty times to you lot, eh?
Do not look at the pommes frites though.  They were not good and only double frying would save them.

For my meal, I had a lobster roll.  It was served on Texas toast, had avocado all up in there, the almighty watercress and gorgeous slices of bacon.  Sadly, lobster is wasted on me.  Cold sandwiches are also things I do not care for, so I am not quite sure why the hell I opted to get the lobster roll to begin with.  It sounded so good in theory! It tasted okay but it really just was not my thing.

Dessert was the best part of the meal.  We tried a sampler and while I did not get to eat the creme brulee, we did have a plethora of treats including a chocolate molten type lava cake, a pecan and fig tarte, some other type of chocolate cake and a caramelized banana thingie.  H1, please recall the name for me.  I've forgotten like an ass.

I did not capture the massacre that happened to this plate.  It's probably best to not look upon it anyway.  It was quite graphic.
After paying up, we went to the Target not far away.  Our disappointing Saturday ended with way too much money spent on new ornaments for the tree and a very sad selection of Christmas paper this year.

I was so excited to see the dollar bins but they really had a whole lot of nothing and it was tragic.  We did get four rolls of sort of cute paper that has grown on me but overall, the selection did not put me in a Christmas mood.

It's not too early for a Christmas mood, is it?


Lexington Square Cafe
510 Lexington Avenue
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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  1. I was also not blown away by this place esp for the prices. I'd rather hit up Daniel which is very expensive but worth every cent! But Daniel is for special occasions.


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