Monday, December 19, 2011

Adieu, Autumn! Bonjour, Christmas...Monkey...?

It's not officially Winter yet but it is officially 6 days until Christmas and so we are bidding adieu to the happy Scarecrow friend with mute crow.

Warm, sunny days were full of fun.  Rain showers were just a few but welcome all the same.  The sometimes chilly air made us remember the what time of the year it was and the leaves were late to fall off the trees.

Thank you for the wonderful Autumn days.  Thank you for the smiles and thank you, until we meet again!

Today, we say hello to a cheeky Christmas monkey.  He's got a crystal ball full of glitter and happiness but he's got his eye on everyone.

I think we better be really good less we end up with coal.  Or um, Monkey... poopies.

Who knows with these monkeys.


  1. I swear... that monkey looks like a gangsta. He's probably holding a bat and will beat anyone who refuses to hand over their Xmas loot.

    I'm scared of him.

  2. That's exactly why you should be good or else...


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