Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Christmas (Present List) Fraught With Extermination and Danger

Some how, this Christmas saw a bunch of Daleks invade the HOchie household.

One Dalek can destroy an entire city so imagine what these three will do!!!!

Luckily for us, we have the Doctor to protect us! And thus Christmas was saved.

Thank you to everyone for the presents! Once again we got a lot of loot and the shame of it is overwhelming.  It goes to show that we are well-loved even if we air Grievances against you guys.

We hope we managed to give you a little more joy too.

Now, on to the present list!

H1's Goo'd Time Pyo List

1.  From Mama & Papa HOchie: Two sweaters, a sewing machine
2.  From Luuuuuuiiiiissss: A smug Iphone 4S.  Why.  WHY?! Wait, I thought the Doctor saved Christmas? Psh.  There were other gifts like clothes and a smoothie maker, and the joint gift of a sewing machine.
3.  From Bunji, Angelo, A'Face and B'Cheeks: His words, "ridiculous presents".  A veggie chopper and a digital timer, and a joint present of a sewing machine.
4.  From Or 2: an ol' timey 3DS.  IT was only 9 months old!, The Harry Potter audio book collection, U2 Super Deluxe Edition of Achtung Baby, and 3DS game.
5.  From Frass: a luggage weight machine, and Hark! A Vagrant!
6.  From MC, Kim, and BAM: a pin cushion, a gift card from Sephora and a gift card from Barnes and Noble
7.  From TD5: Florence and the Machine Ceremonials
8.  From X & Co.: Recipes Remembered
9.  From Bughie J.: A beautiful picture of some rotund squirrels and the most beautiful pictures of Wimplebee, Lacey and friends
10.  From Gen' Frien': Chocolates and cookies from Germany
11.  From Alex and Co.: a gift card from Michaels

Or 2's Goo'd Time Pyo List

1.  From Mama & Papa HOchie: Two sweaters, Klipsch headphones and a piggy shaped frying pan
2.  From Luuuuuuiiiiissss: PSN Plus Subscription
3.  From Bunji, Angelo, A'Face and B'Cheeks: A PSVita (yay!)
4.  From H1: A Tokidoki Hello Kitty Watch, new flannel sheets, Trails in the Sky (psp)
6.  From Frass: Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (psp), gift certificate to Amazon (which I will put towards a new lens)
7.  From MC, Kim, and BAM: xxxHolic, a gift certificate to Amazon (which I will put towards a new lens)
8.  From TD5: Uncharted: Golden Abyss
9.  From CLee: Cave Story 3DS
10.  From X & Co.: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
11.  From Bughie J.: A beautiful picture of some rotund squirrels, the most beautiful pictures of everything and anything including a wonderful GOOD Wimplebee, Lacey and friends, music and FMA: Brotherhood
12,  From Gen' Frien': Lots of goodies! a Tokidoki hat, a Domo disguised as an alligator, zombie key cases, a Momoji doll, a piggy sanrio ornament, a Hello Kitty x Momoji keychain, and chocolates and cookies from Germany
12.  From Alex and Co.: my own tin of butter cookies (with no bribe of black cake after it's done), and Futurama Monopoly

More Pictures to come...

Currently watching: The Doctor Who Christmas Special


  1. Um, the book is called Hark! A Vagrant. Some retards are going to be highly offended by you.

    The blog says you are Banaba (banana? ba-ne-ne?). and he is right.

    wv: Banaba

    - H1

  2. Wow. And as I was writing it, I knew it was Vagrant. How I managed to uh, be so politically incorrect is beyond me.

    wv: clutsi. It's true, I am.

  3. What was typed instead of "vagrant"?

    I see H1 will be giving Anya some competition next year.

    And making us a Hanukkah feast.

    wv: consulch

  4. I typed "Hark! A Retard!"

    I just don't know what the hell happened. I am truly sorry.

    She will make us curtains and we will wear them.

    Hanukkah Feast? as long as there are some pastelles involved, I'm okay with things.

    wv: thrum

  5. re."Hark! A Retard!" Seems like someone was hitting the ponche de creme pretty hard.

    Make my curtains semi-sheer. I want to work it on the runway.

    There are no pastelles at Hanukkah. She will make us Matzoh Ball soup, beef goulash over noodles, & streuselkuchen crumb cake.

    wv: ninct


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