Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End of Year Review I: The Best of the Blog 2011

Welcome to the first round for the End of Year Reviews.

I will be late with the End of Year reviews for Video Games because I started my final game at the end of November and have not had a chance to finish it up for inclusion.

The End of Year music review and the live show review will be posted hopefully later today.

Right now, let's take a look back at the best stories and memories captured on the blog!

January began with the inkling of horrid things to come.  Child Protection Services probably should have been called in earlier for MC and kImpossible and their Plant Child.  She was...::sniff:: so cute.  Look at her!

We also made ramen.  We haven't made it since.

Who does not love doughnuts and sushi in February? We also got our macro lens and thus started our love with our most precious of lenses and we took pictures of tiny food... Heh.

More importantly, our worst fears came true and waaaaauuuuggghhhh, she really was so cute.

March brought us closer to Adventure Time, a show you all should be watching.  H1 also was the perpetrator in a crime against the Crown and we ate our fill at dim sum and good times at not one but two Chinatowns.

We had a Final Fantasy sort of April that was full of danger, orchids, Trini bush and Jammie Dodgers.

Hanging out with scary gorillas and eating good times Spanish food all happened in May.

Then in June, we visited our friends at the Pepsico Gardens and rode on a broom with our other friends another day.

We visited PA in July, where we rode on roller coasters, ate too many doughnuts and not enough awesome pho, and saw lots and lots of trains.  Oh yeah, we also had a huge Pretzel Debate of 2011 and I clearly won.  See for yourself!

Stay Pressed, August.  And eff you with your hurricanes.

Divali was a good time this October.  Then we had a blizzard just in time for Halloween.  Yep, a freakin' blizzard and a right scary one at that.

For some reason, Mario did us dirty in November and then food and Target did us dirty.  November, what the frick! At least we had great times with our frenemies for Thanksgiving including the awesome Blokus marathons we partook in and we even had time to take in a Seminar.

This is the last day of December and there's still some adventuring to do but for now, we'll just leave you with the memories of Festivus and how unkind some of you were to us in 2011.

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