Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fortune Cookie Asshattery

It should come as no surprise now that I continue to be insulted by fortune cookies.

Here we have our order for lunch today:

Good times, right?
H1 and I had to share a fortune today and as if they are intentionally effing with  me, this is what we got:


In this case, I will go with wontons...which is what I actually did.  H1 ordered the dumplings.

I suppose it was not as bad as the time before when it was not only implied that I was stupid but I was called out on my fat nature:


  1. It's not right that you laugh at my fat nature.

  2. *tears x 2*

    I wonder if the second fortune was connected to the first? Therefore, eating your fortune will lead to looking like a wonton or dumpling. At least your fortune implied that both CAN be seen as beautiful. Lol Why are all my fortunes lame? I'm jealous.

  3. Hang with me, a bad fortune might just rub off on you.


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