Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Great 2011 Frenemies' Visit, Part II: Seminar

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving it rained and put a damper on our plans.  Ha! Sorry, I could not help myself.

The rain was pretty intense but off Clee and I went to meet up with Pandy, Jilly and Pandy Incarnate of Evilness (True story - PIE is wickedness and we love him plenty!), spend time at Nintendo World, eat at Shake Shack and then to drop some culture on Clee's ass at 7 p.m.

Due to PIE's 1year old tendency to go knocking about and picking up all sorts of women, our time ran a little short.  It was not a problem with me of course, because it meant I did not have to go to that accursed Apple Store on 5th (Crisis averted, right Clee?) but instead picked up our Shake Shack order to go.

Everyone who comes around must be introduced to Shake Shack because it's just the respectable thing to do.  As expected, Clee loved it because what's not to love?

I'm one to enjoy the rain, so the day was pretty fun for me.  Clee and I shared a warm chocolate chip cookie from Jacques Torres that was just fantabulous.  I do not think I have spoken about the greatness of that cookie before and one day I will buy one and take pictures but for now, you will have to trust when I tell you that it is a beautiful and tasty thing.

The big reveal of the night was the culture to drop on Clee's ass.   I know you were wondering what the heck I was on about.

The "culture" was to take Clee to see Alan Rickman in the play Seminar.

Without a review, or knowledge of any real sort of plot, H1 and I knew we had to just go see this play.  As it turns out, it was not that great.


Alan Rickman is always a joy and as I have found over the years, I do not care what the movie but as long as I can watch that man and/or listen to him speak, I will gladly watch and/or listen with no complaints.  He's just such a bitch, it's awesome.

H1 thought that the one character played by Hettienne Park was absolutely pointless or at least had the worst role.  I am inclined to agree.  I did not see the necessity of the part, honestly.

Jerry O'Connell did a good job of his bit - funny, self-centered and so such a damned annoying elitist hipster.

The whole play was sort of elitist - full of the kind of bullshit that English Literature Majors will spew when they believe their own hype and take themselves too seriously.  Fortunately, the play poked fun at itself in some respects.  It was clever and bogged itself down in overdrawn, pretentious language and then proceeded to mock itself.

Though, I do not think it mocked itself enough and I found Lily Rabe's character to be particularly annoyingly elitist.  She may have had some of the best one-liners but every time she opened her mouth, I cringed a little.

Then there was Hamish Linklater.

I'm a bit biased, you know.  I was not an avid viewer of The New Adventures of Old Christine but in the one or two episodes I did see, I loved his character played in that.

And so, I enjoyed watching him in Seminar.  He was good but I suppose they all were for their respective roles (well except H. Park - not a bad actress - just a horribly written character).

What did Clee think of the play?


The play also contained some T&A.

*****SPOILERS END******

I think it's safe to say that he enjoyed it just fine and was pleasantly surprised.

I happened to get Hamish's autograph after the show too! He was cute and almost walked off without giving me the time of day but came back to sign after he realized I had been standing there.  It was really pouring still - more so than it had before - so I was really appreciative that he made the rounds to sign the booklets, honestly.  He didn't have to.  Then he gave me a weird sounding "thank you" when I told him he was good in the show and a smile as he left.

Does not mean much to you, does it? 
I did not stay for Alan's autograph which was sad but I'm okay with that.  Who knows? Perhaps one day I will run into him like I did Howard Stern (that same day, actually! but did not say hello because I think he would have scared me and spoke unkindly of me on his show the next day) and Jeffrey Donovan last week. I could have hugged Michael Weston and asked for Sam Axe but I was too shy to do anything about it.  Or maybe it's that I forgot his name for a good 20 seconds and it would have been downright embarrassing.

Noteworthy Lowlamps

The one other thing H1 and I would like to mention about Seminar is that it had a very strange choice of music to make the transition between sets and scenes.  It was this weird techno, cacophonous sort of music that was so freaking odd that we do not really know what to make of it.

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