Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Great 2011 Frenemies' Visit, Part III: Asshattery and Blokus

If there was one thing we did a lot of during Thanksgiving week, was play Blokus.  Budgie and Angelo introduced us to Blokus Jr. when they bought Boohead a copy of the game for his birthday.

We all were hooked on Blokus Jr. and after playing two players for a few days during the Frenemies' visit, Luuuuiiiisssss and everyone decided that a 10 p.m. run to Walmart was in order to get the full, adult version of Blokus.

The keyword here is that it was the 'adult' version.

If you must know, the above is not the proper way to play Blokus.  It's a strategy game where you try to get rid of your pieces as much as you can but at the same time, block other players from putting down their pieces.  It is a lot more fun than it sounds especially if like us, you designate titles to all your colour teams.

Blue = Serious Blue or The English (depending on which version you want to play - the historical version or the ass kicking version)

Green = Plague Green

Red = Clown Red or the Yanks (depending on which version you want to play - the historical version or the joker version)

Yellow = Mongolian Yellow

Note to H1 and self for future reference: Clown Red and Serious Blue from our misgivings during our gaming during The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures.

We had Blokus marathons nightly and it was ridiculous.  I think it is safe to say that I would not be surprised if Blokus started showing up at everyone's houses everywhere.  Yes.  Plague Green, indeed.

Thanksgiving was fun.  There was a lot of food as per usual and a lot more babies as our frenemies' and the HOchieS' families grow.

With the addition of so many babies, it also meant a lot of baby food in the house.  I would like to make things clear right now: Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs are the best.

We ate up puffs and drank plenty of Coke Zero in Domo Cups.

Apparently, these puffs are for crawlers.  CLee and I can both crawl.  I don't see the problem.
CLee and I sat there and ate up the puffs like nobodies buisness.  In case you think we are cruel, I would like to let you know that we did not take food out of babies' mouths.  We ate up the container AFTER all babies went back to their homes.

Well, we would have eaten off the entire container but H1 reminded us that X's baby, Five Dumplings, was supposed to at our house a few days after the fact....heh, we may have forgotten but the eating of the puffs was not done intentionally to take food away from babies.

Although, it should always be done that way because you can be damned sure that Five Dumplings took dim sum out of my mouth last week Saturday.

He's asking for trouble, that one.

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