Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ridiculous Sightings in Retail

One of the things H1 and I wanted to start doing was dedicating blog posts to all the ridiculous and clever products we often see on our trips to various stores.

What better time to find questionable items in stock than at Christmas time?  There's so much good stuff out there just waiting to be found.

Take these Christmas cards we saw at Target for instance:

Meanwhile in the Cookie aisle, Siamese twins are born!

They look quite healthy and delicious, if I may say so.

Sometimes products break and in this case of the rock n' roll nutcracker, things became a little bit crude:

This is what he's supposed to look like

And this is what a broken model looks like when there's no guitar

What? Public lewdness! Call the cops! 
At a Toys R'Us, we found a new line of dolls.  They're much like Strawberry Shortcake but perhaps, a little more racist?

I bought these boxes for B'Cheeks.  I wonder which ones she got?

At the Chinese supermarket, in searching for a few more snack items to place in Beetchie's Christmas package, H1 and I found some noodle crackers and one little girl who was very much animated and adopted a "When in Rome" sort of attitude.

I had the barbecue and original flavours.

I will never have them again.

Oh, and before I forget, despite MC's bribery of wine to Momma HOchie for some fried bakes, he still made the top of the grievance list in 2011.

Perhaps next time if he were just a little more subtle about it, he will not find himself at the Number 1 spot.  Alas, MC has no shame:

Currently listening to: Momma HOchie singing some calypso about being drunk and disorderly.  How fitting.

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