Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Time Has Come

Some may say I am an ass.

A lot of people do that, actually.  And they're rude.

Some may say I can cook white rice like nobody's buisness.

Those people would be right.  In fact, everyone should know this about me.

Some may say I talk too damned much.

Yeah, well.  I believe that to be true because look! I've typed so many words here and have not yet said what I wanted to.

Some may say I am a dreamer.

Bwahahaha, okay.  I won't go there.  That was just a little kid.

Some may say I am a lot of things, but the one I no longer am... displaced.

That's right because it was at this time 16 years ago, we moved to the U.S.A.

It was then at that young age that I was plucked from Trinidad and brought to NY to live my life.  I was confused and felt like I belonged no where for some time but now, I am no longer that displaced child.

I am a New Yorker.

Some may argue.

And to those I say, "Screw you guys."


  1. You are a Trimerican.

    WV: forks

    The blog is cussing at you.

  2. the blog is an ass. See? I cuss at it.

    or as a Trimerican, does that mean I cursst at it?


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