Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Trini Christmas in Food

What Christmas would be complete without some pastelles.

Thanks to Frass this year for bring us pastelles from Brooklyn.  H1 has decided they were little too hot which made them not as enjoyable as they could have been.

Mom and I loved them.  Please bring more soon.  Bwahahaha.

We also thank Frass for being this year's designated caper and olive boy for the batch of pastelles that The HOchieS churned out.

We bought a tortilla press this year to assist in the making of the pastelles and it is now universally acknowledged that H1 is the Master of the Tortilla press.

They came out pretty good but our cornmeal did not get perfected quite yet.

One more thanks to go around to Frass.  Yesterday he brought us goodies of pone, currants rolls, coconut rolls, sorrel shandy, apple J. and pear J.  He loves us.  And we love him, hence the reason he does not get top of the Grievance List.

MC, take note.

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